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Stealth detection items nerfed {WoW}

May 15th 2009 3:44PM I think people are misunderstanding the reason Blizzard changed the way these goggles work. I also think Blizzard changed them in the wrong way. The problem was that the goggles were conflicting with their intention to widen the scope of professions. At the last Blizzcon (I believe), the professions team discussed their desire to take away BoP items that were forcing people to become a certain profession for min/maxing. Hence they made all epic crafted items BoE from Blacksmithing, Leatherworking, and Tailoring. The only major crafting profession they didn't change was engineering. I believe they kept this because they wanted to continue to make the engineering profession feel unique (the engineering profession does frequently demand this on the forum). However, this is an example of wanting two contradictory things in WoW: to be unique and to be balanced.

Because the powerful engineering goggles were BoP, people had to switch to the profession to get the goggles for the desired PvP effects. stealth detection. This created the conflict of interest they have been addressing in the last two patches. They have been nerfing all the BoP engineering items. While some of those nerfs have been deserved, they could level the playing field a lot by allowing non-engineers to equip those items. Yes, keep the hand and cloak enchants specific to Engineers. Yes, allow only engineers to use flying machines. But there is no reason to keep the equippable Engineering items specific to the engineering profession. They will have to continuously nerf them or people will continue to flock to the profession for undesired reasons.

Daily Chores achievement is no longer a chore {WoW}

May 1st 2009 5:58PM I got the School of Hard Knocks achievement within 40 minutes of starting the orphan questline. While it can be much more time consuming, I think people are overreacting a bit about it.

First, many of the games I was in moved far faster than they usually do BECAUSE people were going for objectives. Do you know how often people try to cap AV towers in my Battlegroup? Or try to get flags back in WSG? Or fight on the flags in AB? Not often. The only one that was problematic was capping a flag in Eye, because that's not generally the best strategy. Even there though, we were able to four cap because the entire Horde team went for the flag. Once we killed them, half of our team got credit for the achievement, one at a time. I came into the next game and the same thing occurred, this time I was able to get credit.

Yes, for some people this will be a challenging achievement. Still, you have five days. You can queue for BGs anywhere now. There are so many tools at your disposal too. Try group queueing with some friends who can keep the opposite faction off your back. Multiqueue across 3 BGs so that if you don't get the objective in one BG, you can switch to another instead of waiting out the full game. If you have gotten the achievement, help others who need it so things move along.

And for the people who are shouting out, "Get out of my BGs, you achievement W****!" Be patient. I've done over 1000 BGs in the last few months. Things have been getting a little stale. This is a short period of excitement where other players are actually awake in BGs. For five days, BGs are a little different. Try to find the fun in it.

Argent Tournament Dailies: A Chip Off the Ulduar Block {WoW}

Apr 13th 2009 3:01AM Actually, instead of having it phased like Quel'danas, your progression is individual. Also I noted while testing this content on PTRs (just like Alex said) that this quest gave only gold. So no, this isn't necessary for the Tournament. As far as I saw on the PTR, there is no phasing involved -- like leveling, doing quests unlocks other quests.

Korean team H O N takes the trophy at ESL's Global Arena Tournament {WoW}

Mar 11th 2009 4:16AM Wasn't that fun to watch?

I couldn't believe both the priest and mage were both playing so well that it entered a complete standstill. Because neither player was making a mistake, they couldn't kill each other.

I watched three of their other matches and now I want to see more.

A lot of skill, knowledge, and reflexes are visible there on both teams. 'Tis a beautiful sight in any competitive game.

Wintergrasp retuning incoming {WoW}

Mar 3rd 2009 10:36PM Wrath was released halfway through November, right? So that's three and a half months - rather than six. They've been busy too (so you can't call them lazy). With all the adjusting, breaking, and fixing they're doing be glad they make videos games and not space shuttles, or we'd have stellar debris all over the place.

Still... I would like to see some new dance moves. The Human dance is a bit funky now with the whole shoulder popping thing.

Around Azeroth: Pocket full of kryptonite {WoW}

Feb 28th 2009 1:06PM The animation speed doesn't increase... so even though you are zooming about you look like you are calm about it. This happened to me on the PTR a few days ago during a lag storm and I flew about for about 5 minutes just because it was so fun to watch. You look like Peter Pan when you do it, and since the animations are all in place, it works very well as a flight form. I'm hoping Blizzard implements [Fairy Dust] or some similar item in the future -- if only to see what /trade chat would do with that comic material.

The OverAchiever: Master of Arathi Basin {WoW}

Feb 14th 2009 1:33AM "Consider that for each Horde score there are 200 Alliance possibilities, and vice-versa."

You have the right idea, but you need to remember to isolate it for Victory conditions:
For a Horde win (2000 points) there are 200 alliance possible scores ranging from 0-2000. This means at the end of a Horde victory, there are two hundred possible scores the Alliance can have. If you ADD (not multiply) the combinations of Alliance wins, you get another 200. So 400 ENDING scores.

If you come into a game at a random moment, there are 40,000 possible scores during the course of the game (like you said 200*200). For the sake of "We Had It All Along" we only care about the ending scores though.

The probability remains 1/400. A horrifying prospect if you are striving for it, but much less worrying than 1/40,000 or 1/4,000,000.

The OverAchiever: Master of Arathi Basin {WoW}

Feb 13th 2009 11:21PM There are not 4 million outcomes... it ends on multiples of ten and one team must have 2000. The actual number of endings is more along the lines of:

So, if AB was purely random, your chance every game for We Had It All Along is .25%. (1/400).

However, it's not purely random. There are influences and gameplay mechanics that make is very easy to end up with specific scores (such as 0-2000). A close game with two very well played teams will yield higher chances of getting the sweet spot. I've been in two games so far (out of 100) that ended with a score of 2000-1990. Unfortunately for me, the Horde won both.

The Queue: Tradeskill bits and pieces {WoW}

Dec 1st 2008 8:19PM You can GET the hog through the neutral AH, but I wouldn't. Notice that it is only usable by certain races. So you would be able to buy the opposing faction's chopper but never learn it.

Breaking News: Wrath Collector's Edition on sale at Amazon [Update: SOLD OUT] {WoW}

Nov 5th 2008 4:10PM Thanks, Adam, for the update. Pre-ordered mine today too! Hope this doesn't turn out badly like the last thing I preordered from Amazon...