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Breakfast Topic: Tank anxiety {WoW}

Aug 16th 2010 2:40PM I don't see any reason why the tank *has* to be the one to lead. Find a good tank who wants to play a different role for the night. They lead (marking stuff for you, etc.) and you focus on the rest of tanking and learning the stuff you need to lead for next time. That's how I learned.

Breakfast Topic: The best class choice for new players {WoW}

Aug 10th 2010 4:40PM I picked a Paladin to start with, and it was great until everybody expected me to psychically know which blessing to give them. Starting with a paladin also means you can change your mind about DPS/Tank/Heals without having to roll a whole new toon.

Survey: Figuring out the faction transfer numbers {WoW}

Sep 4th 2009 4:12PM I'm leveling a belf hunter to see the world from the other perspective. When she hits 80, I'll probably bring her to Alliance so I can play her with friends.

Dual specs and loot priority {WoW}

Aug 24th 2009 2:29PM I generally agree that you should get priority for the role you're running as. But it puts me in a catch-22. I'm still struggling to get my Paladin defense-capped, so no one will take me as a tank right now. And every tank piece that drops seems to be an upgrade for the tank, so I can't get upgrades so people will take me as a tank. Having quality DPS gear is poor consolation when I really want to tank.

An official server for South Africa {WoW}

May 22nd 2009 3:34PM I'm not sure why you're saying it's Zaire, as no country by that name exists now. More importantly, .za is the top-level domain for the Republic of South Africa.

The end of vanilla WoW {WoW}

May 4th 2009 9:04PM That's an interesting idea, but I benefitted a lot from being able to whisper higher-level friends to explain stuff, like how to get underwater while I'm running back to my corpse in Sunken Temple. You'd lose that if you're fenced off on some other server.

Noblegarden: Sexy or Sexist? {WoW}

May 1st 2009 2:52PM I think the playboy reference is fine. Female toons of level 18+ with rabbit ears, no problem. What bugs me a little is that someone else is putting the ears on you. You can choose whether to wear scanty or modest gear. But these bunny ears just show up on your head without your say.
Real world analogy: If I want to put a photoshopped photo of myself up on flickr with bunny ears on, that's my choice in how I present myself to the world. If someone else does the same thing, now I'm associated with playboy (and its view of sexuality) without any say in it.