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Azeroth comes through on the love hunt {WoW}

Jul 24th 2008 2:32PM In what is quickly becoming a busy world where people rarely connect face-to-face anymore, is it all that strange that people are connecting through other mediums. I think it will one day become the norm not the exception.

Spiritual Guidance: The new age raiding Holy Priest {WoW}

Jul 21st 2008 9:27AM I agree that the Priest changes are lackluster at best. As I look towards Wrath, one of the big decisions for me is going to be which 70 to run to 80 first. Regrettably, my long time "Main" Priest, may be my last toon to hit 80.

WoW Insider giveaway: Manaprincess swag {WoW}

Jul 10th 2008 2:29PM Mana pot for when your "Wand" is low on magic.

Health pot for when your "Magic Wand" has gotten you into trouble.

BigRedKitty: Florence Nightingkitty {WoW}

Jul 3rd 2008 3:44PM There is no way I'm healing a Scorpid in an instance. I hate those things! So, they may add more tanks but lose healers.

Cutting the Karazhan timer {WoW}

Jul 3rd 2008 8:56AM Think about the past people! Does the timer really matter anymore? I mean...after all, Wrath will be out soon. Once that happens, will anyone be running Kara or any of the current 25 man content anymore?

Why not remove the timer and let people at least have chance to get some boss and badge loot quicker? That way, at least a few more people will have a chance to see some 25 man content before Wrath comes out.

Once Wrath comes out, places like Kara, SSC, TK and Hyjal will be left to rot.

Caption This! {WoW}

Jul 1st 2008 2:03PM The Alliance believes in using a weapon against the Horde, that "You only have to fire once!"

Breakfast Topic: Should Blizzard support Hunter pet diversity? {WoW}

Apr 18th 2008 9:20AM Just give every hunter the same pet. My priest gets the same one all the time.

Breakfast Topic: The secret lives of Blizzard employees {WoW}

Apr 16th 2008 9:42AM They are definitely Horde. Of course, so is most of Wowinsider, so I'm surprised you all don't know each other.

Are we the bad guys of Azeroth? {WoW}

Apr 2nd 2008 3:46PM I have played both sides and in my experience, the horde are more apt to gank than Alliance. I usually don't try to gank as I have code of honor about attacking characters much lower than me, or attacking someone that is engaged with a mob. However, most Horde players don't seem to have such honor. My theory is that it is a product of their upbringing. Whenever a child is abused by a parent, a Horde Ganker is born.

Breakfast Topic: The long run {WoW}

Mar 31st 2008 10:27AM How bout as an alliance trying to do the Warlock Minion quests?...running all over the Barrens for the Succy, or going from Southshore to the Barrens again to get the Felhunter. The guy who designed those quests had to be a horde.