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Exclusive Interview: Wowhead and Affinity Media {WoW}

Jun 28th 2007 10:37PM Unfortunately for Wowhead, and yourself cyamarin, the issue at hand is not longer whether or not Wowhead sold to a company that may have been in the RMT business. The simple fact is that the statements from Wowhead and Affinity Media were essentially lies to try and make themselves look good.

I do not agree with RMT, as Mike mentioned it cheapens the game. The game is balanced and tweaked to allow challenge and progression while trying to minimize boredom or frustration. RMT destroys that balance, and allows shortcuts that were never intended into the game. I don’t care about other games elsewhere in the world, and I’ll bet no one else here does either.

I believe that if Wowhead and Affinity had been honesty from the very beginning and upfront about every facet of the operation, then none of these conversations would be taking place. Sure, people would have been disappointed, but nothing in the volumes that is happening now. In reading the statements from John Maffei, I am surprised that he still refuses to answer clear direct questions from the Wow Insider staff. They are not hardball questions, but a simple request for facts. You can quote “Private transactions” all you want, but in my field of work, if you are not 100% transparent to your clients and the government with everything you do, someone is going to spend some time in jail. Try a little transparency in your own world… it might work.

Essentially, I think it boils down to trust. Wowhead has lost mine. No big loss on your part I am sure, but as I was taught when growing up, if you cannot trust someone to do the right thing once, you cannot trust to them to do the right thing ever.