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15 Minutes of Fame: Tobold blogs from the hip {WoW}

Dec 24th 2008 11:31AM I have a general MMORPG blog, on which I chronicle all the games I play. As I tend to switch from game to game, there are lots of "I quit game X" posts on there. Not my fault if WoWInsider decides to make a headline out of that without my consent.

And I'll probably quit WoW again before the third expansion comes out, and come back again for the expansion. Blizzard makes good expansions, but it takes them too long.

Another one bites the dust {WoW}

Jun 29th 2007 9:29AM Oh, could you stop linking to that "I quit" post of mine, please! It leaves a totally wrong impression. If you have a blog, you *must* tell your readers what games you are playing, and which ones you quit. How could we possible not tell the people reading our blogs regularly what we are actually playing? But linking those posts here makes us look like attention whores. I never asked for that post to be linked here, as I don't consider it to be news.

Besides, most of the people then coming to our blogs and putting hate comments on there don't even bother to really read the quitting post. No, I didn't quit WoW only because of attunements, that was only the last thing that bothered me before I left, as I clearly stated in that post. And no, of course that had zero impact on Blizzard, the attunement change a day later was just a funny incident.

Bloggers quit WoW because most of them started the game over 2 years ago, and now its slowly getting old. These "the sky is falling, some blogger quit WoW" posts here on WoWInsider are just ridiculous. And I say that as a blogger.