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Dec 31st 2008 11:51AM when i started coming across nice daggers in the high 70's i figured it might as well switch to Mutilate. i mean fist weapons and swords are in short supply, so why not spec for the more readily available weapon. we'll i finished off my last few levels as mut and started running heroics with my guild. Then comes the dps charts and me clearly bringing up the rear. i couldnt figure it out, i practiced the rotation, i got addon's to watch my HFB and still i just couldnt keep my DPS up.

i finally went back to combat fist/dagger and my DPS went back up. it made me much happier, yes the combat rotation is much easier but its where i feel comfortable. i know i'm not alone in the whole having trouble with mutilate thing and i'm glad its not the "only" spec out there.

i agree that there should be some better glyphs out there for Mutilate or at least the assassination tree.