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LotRO-style achievements coming to Wrath? {WoW}

Jun 10th 2008 5:22AM Trying to bring me back into WoW with a full PvP area and a crappy bragging system? Trying to bring me back in with a whole new set of 10 levels and some meaningless quests? Want me to pick more flowers to make more potions I'll have to sell to recoup the cost of making them? Or maybe trying to get me to sew a new set of clothes I'll never have a reason to wear because the raid loot I have a 1/255 (taking into account the horde of Need rolls from people of the same class, this is hardly an exaggeration) chance of getting from some giant FISH is way better than anything my miserable character could ever dream of making?
Try balancing the classes against eachother and not the monsters and raid bosses. Try giving useful loot to roll-winners from said bosses. Put some damned conflict into the boring Cold War that is the Alliance and Horde. Try making better bosses than a giant fish that spits hot water.
After max-level, WoW is just running around getting new clothes for your character, or someone else's.
Did you know there is also a Barbie video game about the same thing?

New FFXII info: prepare for long gaming sessions [Update 1] {Joystiq}

Mar 8th 2006 6:23AM Man, I miss the days of plot in these games.
Yanno, the kind where you couldn't see certain scenes coming, but it makes sense that they happen.
VI was a great example. The themes were so diverse, and it's love theme was dynamic. Cyan for his lost family, Edgar and Sabin as brothers, Terra wanting to know what it was like, Locke's heartbreak and falling in love with Celes. It was fantastic. The villain was DESPICABLE! Kefka had no redeeming qualities! He was successful! Sephiroth was a terrible villain, people thought he was cool! I thought he was cool! Noone should be able to -like- the villains. And EVERYONE could be adept at magic and combat! None of those caster archetypes and combat archetypes. You had total control over what the characters got good at! Espers were not as god-awful overpowering as summon spells. Sure, they could take out little things, but NEVER bosses. And the regular monster fights could be challenging up to a point. And the Cactrot wasn't a joke! It was an actual hard-to find/kill enemy! And the characters abilities! Those were great!
Oh! Even better! It was possible to never see some of the characters, and some either lived or died! Cid, Shadow, Relm, Mog. The Ending could be different whether you found Locke or not.
And man, that final boss.
That was creative, it looked cool, and it was hard until you figured it out.