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The Daily Grind: Do you game on a Mac? {Massively}

Feb 11th 2012 6:32PM why is this post categorized as "Humor"? Is the author suggesting that even the question of asking if people play games on a mac is funny?

I think game developers who scoff at mac are missing a growing chunk of their target market, and its only getting larger.

Go to a coffee shop near a college campus. At least near me it is overwhelmingly mac in that demographic (college age kids)

Should there be a hide option for RealID? {WoW}

Feb 8th 2012 12:02AM Yes

I haven't used real id yet, and will not until It has some sort of offline or invisible mode.

Breakfast Topic: Has the early Cataclysm gearing model failed? {WoW}

Feb 2nd 2012 12:41AM I quit wow when ghostcrawler made his infamous dungeons should be hard blog statement.

While that might be great in theory, when you pair difficult dungeons with LFG pugs it's just not fun.

Puggers can get downright nasty when it's not an easy speedy run. I am not interested in doing something in a "game" thats not fun.

4 steps for dealing with Raid Finder harassment {WoW}

Jan 31st 2012 4:51PM so much for being reformed, your solution comes off as

learn to play or leave.


Blue Posts and Other WoW News: Infinite content and the $100k/year doll factory worker {WoW}

Dec 23rd 2011 10:02PM @samlowry I agree with you about ghostcrawler and his infamous blog post about dungeons are supposed to be hard, and how the public didn't agree and left the game.

That blog post is what made me quit wow. While I don't mind a challenge, complex or difficult dungeons paired with random LFG pugs isn't only painful but unplesant. People get rude and just plain nasty.

My feeling is save more complex/harder fights for raids. I don't want to have to read strats or watch videos to run a heroic. If I need to do that, it should be for raids. Since I don't have the time or inclination to do "homework" to play the game, I have given up raiding and I am fine with that.

I am optimistic that blizzard seems to being making changes for mists. But they went so far off track in cata I am uncertain. They certainly haven't done enough to fix cata and anytime they give me free time and I try to play I just still hate it all soo much.. and it sucks because I can't find another game I enjoy either.

The OverAchiever: Guide to Noblegarden 2011 {WoW}

Apr 21st 2011 11:13PM unless they fixed it, your spring rabbit will also make baby bunnies with the turkey pet from the thanksgiving holiday. Odd but true. lol.

Officers' Quarters: That other guild reputation {WoW}

Apr 18th 2011 11:32PM I totally disagree with #1 "take them head on"

Don't stoop to their level, they are doing it to get a rise out of you. If you don't respond they may stop because they aren't getting a reaction. If they don't stop submit a ticket and report them for harassment. The first couple of times a gm will probably just tell you "they will look into it" but the more it happens and the more tickets on the matter the log of complaints will begin to show a pattern. Quite a while back the guild I was in had someone who would do this in trade to our guild. We'd submit the tickets, instead on responding to the bashing in trade.

If they are really into bashing you and your guild, check out your realm forums as well, our basher would trash talk on there as well. I don't know how far it went but I do know he got at least a 48 hour ban from the game. Upon his return he and his friends kept to themselves.

Officers' Quarters: Managing the alt invasion {WoW}

Nov 29th 2010 2:18PM opps I meant to say they were duped (I typed wasn't)

I really wish I could blame iphone auto correct, but alas I can't.. it was a brain fart.

Doesn't really much to me now, the guild I am in now is full. We can't take in any new alts.. lol.

Officers' Quarters: Managing the alt invasion {WoW}

Nov 29th 2010 2:16PM security can be an issue. Back in BC we had someone pretend to be an officer and ask to be guilded by another officer. The officer in question wasn't duped guilded and promoted the alt. Who didn't wait long before they started emptying the guild bank in the middle of the night.

Blizzard luckily replaced all the stolen items, which surprised me, I fully expected for them to tell us tough luck, you gave the person access. But nope, they mailed every last stolen item to our GM.

After that, we required people to identify themselves via their already guilded toon in game or via vent if we knew their voice.

It's pretty easy to /tell *officername* hey, I have a new alt, mind taking a min to guild them, their name is *altname*"

then switch to the toon.

Win everyAir desktop app for the iPad {WoW}

Nov 24th 2010 11:45PM Sign me up! I want to win