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Jeff Hickman, FAQ, and Grab Bag are all about Land of the Dead {Massively}

Jun 6th 2009 7:50PM I'm very concerned about the lack of Mark Jacobs in these preceedings. He is in many ways the driving force behind this game and Mythic. Although some DAoC vets may disagree, I'm very confident that he has the determination and know-how to keep WAR going and improving.

If he isn't on the scene, then that would explain the recent lack of direction that WAR seems to be suffereing from. If this is the case, then I'll need to see some drastic stepping-up in both communication and ability to understand their community from the other WAR brass. Right now they remind me more of a PR sideshow than a professional dev team. Mark is far more capable of balancing PR with leadership.

WAR is definitely at a cross-roads, and we need to see someone with Mark's abilities at the forefront. Here's hoping he turns up soon.

The Daily Grind: Do you prefer a structured or sandbox beta? {Massively}

Jun 5th 2009 9:19AM For a beta to be successful it needs to have both components, and done in the correct order.

When things are starting out it makes sense to have structured tests to work on basic mechanics, itemization and balance. This can then be expanted to test out how different areas of the world are optimized and how well they function for specific purposes.

However, after basic things like mechanics and some rough balance are sorted out a beta needs to move on to a sandbox style. A good MMO should be more than the sum of its parts. The story, areas, levelling and difficulty need to scale appropriately througout a characters lifetime.

Finally, endgame needs to be tested, tested and then tested again. If testers don't have COMPLETE access to what the endgame holds, then there is no way to find out how compelling it is, and how long any one piece of content or gameplay is going to hold up.

WAR did things right at the beggining, but didn't have enough time to do the last two steps properly. WAR is a game that works great for the areas that were focussed tested extensively (T1-T3) but falls down on the character progression and endgame side of things.

The Daily Grind: Are you excited by the Aion beta? {Massively}

Jun 4th 2009 8:48AM Grabbed an EU key while the grabbing was good. I don't really know anything about the thing except for a few bits of marketing speak.

After TR, I physically cannot get excited about one of their launches until I've seen it in person, it's launched and it's been running sucessfully for 6-12 months. That's even disregarding the generic style of the characters I've seen so far. Time will tell, I suppose.

I really just want a polished AAA sandbox MMO that's not in space. EVE is good, great even, but I personally have trouble getting attached to spacecraft.

The9 sues Blizzard in WoW China operation fallout {Massively}

Jun 2nd 2009 9:30PM I know that was an attempt at humor but c'mon...that's just plain ignorant.

The gold farmers play on US/EU servers to earn *gasp* US/EU gold. They don't give 2 craps about what The9 and Blizzard are doing.

Tom and Jerry and Ben 10 coming to the MMO realm {Massively}

Jun 2nd 2009 9:05PM Tom and Jerry is possibly one of the worst cartoons ever to grace a television.

Why not make something decent like a Gummi Bears MMO? That would be totally sweet.

Earthrise developers explain dodge game mechanics in PvP {Massively}

May 28th 2009 6:43PM Tabula that you girl?

(I keed I keed)

EVE dev blog explains new ship fitting screen, saveable configurations {Massively}

Feb 15th 2009 6:39PM Could we please have the front-page images back for the feeds? The other Weblogs sites have put them back, so I don't know why it's missing from Massively. Cheers

Mythic delaying work on Warhammer expansion to improve live game {Joystiq}

Dec 7th 2008 6:20PM Pick a well populated server from the start. It's a fantastic game, but it's really dependent on other players for the most fun bits.

Between now and immediately after the next patch (1.1) is a great time to start because many people will be rolling the new tank classes and there will be plenty of people to group with in the lowbie areas.

Finally, if you like to be on the on the underdog side, currently Order has slightly lower numbers on most servers. (and greatly outnumbered on a few)

Take a peek at Champions Online's Monster Island {Massively}

Jun 27th 2008 7:46PM I thought you said it was just a name!!!
It's actually a penisula.

Spore Creature Creator Giveaway {Big Download}

Jun 18th 2008 2:44AM So yeah...Australia here. We sort of like competitions to. Hey Europe, how's it hanging? Still no Wacoms's there either, eh?