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Encrypted Text: I roll on caster loot {WoW}

Dec 10th 2008 1:08PM no rogue should have the slightest problem capping his or her specials. there are gems and enchants that are available to everyone that can help raise hit rating.

rolling on a spell damage trinket because it has hit is just bad. people have chastised huntards for years because of similar gear decisions (would this make you a roguetard?). this is only made worse by the fact that you are complaining about lack of hit rating on gear while willingly ignoring a talent that is a must have in both pve AND pvp builds. you talk about wearing season 4 gear, and if you really are, then you surely know how important hit rating is when competing in arenas, especially against frost mages.

Encrypted Text: I roll on caster loot {WoW}

Dec 10th 2008 11:53AM Try and check a bit more often, as they are doing daily testing on combat stat ratings:

"Hit Rating

*** Update ***
Lowered specials hit cap due to evidence that it has been reduced from 9% to 8%.
Discussion of this can be found here.

The following values assume 5/5 Precision, which should be included in all standard
PVE Mutilate and Combat builds.

(assuming no special buffs like heroic presence)
Specials Poisons White
99 315 755 "

also, how can you talk about hit but totally leave out expertise?

i find it hard to believe that you are complaining about hit rating on gear when you so easily dismiss taking 5/5 in precision.

great resource. use it. also, spreadsheets can help ANYone figure out the best combination (as far as maximizing dps) of talent points and gear.

Encrypted Text: Rogue Glyphs {WoW}

Aug 28th 2008 5:51AM actually, i said theorycraft AND general pve playstyle. who is praising this rogue columnist as a good choice? all i read from these comments are wtf fail...

Encrypted Text: Rogue Glyphs {WoW}

Aug 27th 2008 9:04PM this article is full of absolute complete fail. i dont have to restate the rampant ignorance related to the feint glyph, and someone already stated about the general uselessness for glyph of garrote.

some of you reading this site may or may not have read my rogue blog before, (which i have since shifted from roguery to real-lifery)...but i did apply for the position at WI for this column. never even got a word back.

my assumption? WI wants sub-par writers who know how to fill word space by taking 48 paragraphs to talk about all of the things they are about to talk about. it starts and ends with the content-stealing mike scamm.

thing about the rogue class is that it is one of the simpler classes to understand. a pve rogue has one job, and one job only. d-p-to-the-mothereffing-s. theorycraft and general pve playstyle have long been clearly defined by those at, ming, &

the only worthwhile column on this site is brk...and you can get everything you need to know and much, much more just by going to his site.

~ Doomilias

2.3.2 patch notes updated {WoW}

Nov 30th 2007 4:31PM bah. what is the purpose of reducing weapon damage by 15%? i dont like this change at all. as stated, we need to wait and see what the debuff damage is increased to...

...but still. sucks.

Is the new Cheat Death cheating? {WoW}

Oct 26th 2007 5:20PM @11.
i said i dont know MUCH about arenas. i didnt say i know NOTHING about arenas.

your comparison is weak, at best.

besides, the whole POINT of my post was to ask anyone who reads my blog if it IS op for arenas. because i dont know, i posed my assumption and asked for comments.

thank you, WI, for stealing my discussion.

Is the new Cheat Death cheating? {WoW}

Oct 26th 2007 4:40PM not sure if my last comment made it...but im quite dissapointed at how this post so poorly quotes my own.

Encrypted Text: A plea for proper poisons {WoW}

Aug 30th 2007 12:54PM @john

i dont really care if you wouldnt use them. i would. i DO make that many poisons, just because im anal about having a good supply. and not just poisons, but powders as in blinding and flash. i DO have a mining bag, and i DO have an enchanting bag. it just makes things easier to organize. besides, crafted 20 slotters are way too expensive.

Encrypted Text: A plea for proper poisons {WoW}

Aug 30th 2007 9:48AM WTF can't we get a poison bag pls?! 20 slot bag for poisons and powders.

and oh, WF proc is wonderful, but you need two things. first, you need a shammy in your party. second, you need a shammy in your party who is going to use windfury totem. that is, maybe you have a ferlol drood and a hunter who wants the grace of air totem...or maybe the shammy would rather have wrath of air totem for himself...

Swords and daggers {WoW}

Aug 27th 2007 4:50PM @27

Actually, it's not. It's just that while you're sitting there figuring on paper, I'm actually stabbing your face on the meters.

Explain to me how it's a horrible argument. I'm not even trying to argue. I'm making a statement. Plain and simple. My rogue will out-dps yours.

Finally, You can't spreadsheet party mechanics and specifications of the fight at hand. You try for yourself, using your own game-tested methods to come to your conlusions. Obviously you aren't trying hard enough, and have come to the wrong conclusion.