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Breakfast Topic: Priests, we love you and fear you too! {WoW}

Jul 11th 2007 5:47AM "Hate being asked to do stuff as a prot pally and then they go "Oh wait, you're holy right?" No, now let me insert this large mace into you."

I love Paladins. Did I mention that?

Breakfast Topic: Priests, we love you and fear you too! {WoW}

Jul 4th 2007 6:19PM My LFG comment says I'm Shadow-specced. So stop inviting me to groups expecting me to heal, or whisper me asking me if I'm holy. The LFG comment exists for a reason.

That said, I enjoy my role as a Mana-battery. I love Paladins for Salvation; they love me for the double-plus mana regeneration from both VT and VE.

However, Priests and Paladins are broken for reverse reasons. Priests are supposed to be "The" healers in the game; yet Paladins, Druids and Shamans out-heal them and out-utilise them. The Priests' "Flash Heal" is roughly three times the mana cost of the Paladin's "Flash of Light"; yet the latter heals roughly 75% of the former. 3x the mana cost for 1.33x the improvement? Makes no sense. A Priests' only AoE heal, Prayer of Healing, is disgustingly mana-inefficient and limited only to very specific 5-man situations.

Conversely, we have Paladins, who everyone expected to be Holy warriors -- yet the Retribution tree is very broken and only really useful in PvP. My GM is a Ret Paladin for Raiding, and, while he does good DPS (keeps up with the rest of us), it's sporadic. He gets his DPS from triple 2K-crits, causing massive bursts in threat level that generally result in him being forced to lay-off the DPS temporarily while the tank regains aggro (On non-boss fights, obviously).

Greetings to everyone on Frostwhisper.