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ASUS UL30Vt available for pre-order at Amazon {Engadget}

Nov 23rd 2009 4:04PM Now if ASUS would just release it across the pond in England.

I'm waiting, ASUS.

Guitar Hero, Rock Band sales slide reminiscent of DDR {Joystiq}

Jul 22nd 2009 6:24PM Good. Guitar Hero is complete and utter trash.

Maybe Activision can stop peddling this glorified quicktime event genre and make some original games that aren't utterly devoid of gameplay.

Sony to donate up to $10,000 in celebration of Earth Day {Joystiq}

Apr 21st 2009 12:18PM Oh wow. The PS3 consumes the most power out of all the current generation consoles.
Nice going there, Sony.

World of WarCraft lead designer moves to unknown Blizzard MMO {Joystiq}

Feb 12th 2009 7:24PM WoW will now be 50% less shit. Now the other idiot needs to leave.
Employing EQ crybabies to design an MMO? Bunch of bloody idiots.

I *heart* Katamari *heart*s iPhone {Joystiq}

Dec 15th 2008 3:47PM Does it come with DLC that is in the application, but has to be paid for to unlock?

Mythic delaying work on Warhammer expansion to improve live game {Joystiq}

Dec 7th 2008 6:11PM Blizzard could learn a lot from this approach. But then it'd probably take years to fix the huge amount of things that are wrong with WoW.

Weekly Webcomic Wrapup asks, 'What would you ask Tycho and Gabe?' {Joystiq}

Aug 24th 2008 6:40AM Why are they so bald and pig-like in appearance?

Warhammer Online open beta starts Sept. 7 {Joystiq}

Aug 18th 2008 12:37PM No EU news and lack of communication from GOA (the European 'division' for WAR) caused me to cancel my preorder.
I don't fancy being a second-class customers.

Call of Duty 4 maps coming to PC June 5 {Joystiq}

May 31st 2008 2:51PM I guess they couldn't figure out a way to make us PC gamers pay for maps (they said it was "logistics").

Spore: Creature Stage wanders onto land, into blog post {Joystiq}

May 28th 2008 1:17PM My personal goal is to create some sort of horrible sentient penis.