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Should multiboxing be illegal? {WoW}

Jul 7th 2007 4:31AM i dont see anything wrong with it,and i doubt blizzard will either.theyre getting paid, question to this, though,is...what about PVP realms,where you cant have a horde and alliance on the same realm,but obviously with more then one account this is you think blizzard will actually get on to players about that.obviously they dont want us communicating,or basically yelling at eachother all day for ganking.but with someone that has a horde and alliance,they can easily get mad at someone on there own faction and or not want them in the area and log on there other faction character and gank,camp,and truely harass someone..but would it ever progress to this point? or even bsaically being a spy..
example:having a alliance character in a okay guild,knowing theyre going to raid,what time and where.then you log onto your horde and plan a attack.

seems kind of rude,but ive had my share of rude players that ive come across on this game,and i really wouldnt put it pass them.

maybe if it ever escalated to this,then blizzard might actually do something.

have any of you that multi-box ever made two factions on the same realm that was PVP ??