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WoW Rookie: Choose your class! {WoW}

Jul 8th 2007 10:08PM My first character (and still my main) is a Night Elf druid; it's a very hard class to take full advantage of. You're essentially learning the basic skills of a melee/caster hybrid (which is how you start), a warrior (in bear form), a rogue (in cat form) and - usually - a healer. I was around level 36 before I really learned how to use cat form because I was so busy learning everything else... and was AMAZED how much more quickly I could kill mobs with it.
So it's a good first character for people who really want to learn how the game is played; it's probably the only class that has to master the use of mana, rage and energy. But I could see how someone interested in quick gratification could get bored during the doldrums beteween learning bear form (which I find only occasionally useful) and cat form (which I now spend most of my time in).
The other thing that makes it a great class for newbies - it's SO versatile in the mid-levels before spec becomes crucial. From levels 20-40, it's very easy to solo in cat form, heal for a group in caster form and hit some of the early instances as a bear tank.
Even if you don't take a druid all the way to 70, it's a great way to learn what roles you want to play in WoW.