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Gamer feels cheated by FFXI's sneaky hidden fees [update 1] {Joystiq}

Apr 23rd 2006 12:24AM Honestly the game has been out long enough for anyone who wanted to play it to know tha they their is extra fees. This kinda exposer jsut leads to the further acceptance of ignorance from people. Im sorry if you want to buy something you should know what your buyin. IT is noones fault but yours if you didnt know this easy to access public information.

Gordon Freeman goes to Boot Camp on a Mac {Joystiq}

Apr 12th 2006 3:29AM Im sorry but i hope Apple keeps their line and everything the way it is. They dont need to make it cheaper or anything like that. They have a sound business plan and sales structure. Hell i dont have enough to buy one now. The good thing is with a mac you might pay alil more but you get what u pay for. I dont want the market flooded with all kinds of different classes of mac like there is with pcs.

Lost, Desperate Houswives will be free on the web {}

Apr 10th 2006 4:03PM i can kinda see where they are comming from. Lost and DH are shows if you havent been watchign it for awhile then you dont know whats going on. This hooks people into the shows then they will purchase the newest one on itunes or watch it on the TV each week. Pretty smart imo but they will soon cut it off the internet after ur hooked. Remeber Jobs has a big say in Disney now also (pixar deal) i doubt the board will want to piss off their highest shareholder.

TUAW Poll: Will you dual-boot your Mac? {}

Apr 5th 2006 5:24PM This has confirmed my purchase of a new intel mac pretty soon. As long as a can get an extra hd in the comp so one can be dedicated to windows and one dedicated to osx, just in case those nasty windows viruses attempt to run a riot i will have no problem using my mac like always.

The Real Reason Behind Apple's Boot Camp {}

Apr 5th 2006 1:41PM Happy 30th birthday Apple. Thye have changed the world again and secured another 30yrs in the industry. Maybe as the leader again.

More New iPod Video Pictures {}

Mar 5th 2006 2:40PM Notice the hold button on the side. I dont believe if apple was to make a device that you would view in landscape mode and put the hold on the side??? They youl put it on the top along the headphone port.

Which Windows Vista will you run? You have 8 choices. {Engadget}

Feb 19th 2006 8:05PM Im thinkin ill be using OS X 10.5 or maybe 10.6 by the time vista in its many forms come out. And ill be happier. Much happier.

Mayor Bloomberg cracks down on Solitaire-playing employee {Joystiq}

Feb 10th 2006 3:45PM I think he has forgotten employees are people too. I think the entire corporate world has lost touch with the regular guy. Yes i know they are paying you to work. But give people breaks sometimes. This wouldnt be a prob if they guy was told many times to stop and he insubordinate. But Bloomburg in all his mightyness sees the peons not working! I bet his day is entirely business and he never takes breaks. All hail the mighty bloomburg!

Blizzard apologises for GLBT blunder {WoW}

Feb 10th 2006 3:07AM Blizzard should take all sexuality out of teh game. This is not the place for this. Just because some people get in the game and try to make a statment ruffles the feathers of the entire community. Thats what really bugs me about the glbt group. They dont do half of their stuff because they think its right. they do most of their stuff to stick it to the man and break social norms. Imi all for equal treatment but that kinda stuff really bugs me. Leave it outta the game. 99% of the time sexuality is left outta the game. Its a rpg game with polygons not to much sex that can go on there and u cant really even do anything. Why worry about it. If you are goin to display love or sexuality at all in more then jsut a friendly way do it in pst or outside of the game. We have dragons to kill and portals to open. Escape and kill stuff.

We have update... {WoW}

Feb 7th 2006 9:20AM How does WoW play natively on a intel mac? Im currently playin it on my g4 powerbook with 1.5ghz and it runs great after i put in another gig of RAM. I can only imagine how smooth it runs on the intel-mac.