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Raid Rx: Transitioning to 25-man raiding {WoW}

Dec 19th 2007 4:04PM Congrats on downing Illidan! We're working on Mother atm. We've actually just added both another resto druid and shaman for the same reasons. It's kind of crazy the step change you go through from T5 to T6 content. And that topic is on my to-do list, too. hehe

Breakfast Topic: Less money, more problems {WoW}

Dec 5th 2007 8:37AM Yikes, 1,025 is the mobs you wouldn't kill from 30-40 levels. The total is 1,380 mobs you're missing (from levels 1-40).

Sorry for the typo.

Breakfast Topic: Less money, more problems {WoW}

Dec 5th 2007 8:32AM I currently have a level 37 alt with 9g to her name. I've spent about 3g total working on her leatherworking. The rest has been buying spells when I level and arrows. Now, I will admit I haven't sold any of my leather yet, but I know I don't have 80g worth.

This was actually something I wrote about yesterday ( The bottom line is by the time you reach level 40, you've not killed about 1,025 mobs you would have in the original version. If each dropped one leather (and nothing else), that's about 69 gold you didn't earn.

There are assumptions, like that you did every quest, but being on my 4th character I'm leveling, there's definiately a big difference. I certainly had to work on making money to get that last 20g or so for the mount, but nothing like this. And the problem will only get worse as you work towards 60.

Our leaders (and the tough task of replacing them) {WoW}

Nov 30th 2007 11:07AM WoW is based on a pseudo-medieval setting. Historically irl, there weren't democracies back then. The Greeks (even older time peroid) had something sort of similar, but not the moder day interpretation.

This article highlighted to me that the faction/race/location leaders are a lot like how guilds are run. Typically someone steps forward and wants to lead a group. There's no mass election to create guild leaders, nor do most guild members have the option of picking who they want.

There have been votes to dismiss a GM, but those tend to result in a disband anyways.

Starting a guild from scratch {WoW}

Nov 28th 2007 8:18AM I think starting from scratch (i.e. barely having enough people to sign a charter) would be very difficult. We chose the easy way out and just defected from a terrible guild as a group of about 20 (back pre-BC). Other than knowing my husband irl, I've never met any of the other guild mates in person. We've done up through Naxx, and now are a decent chunk through MH/BT.

Like Girl Meets WoW says, it's all about recruiting people that fit your guild's personality. That has to be a priority to be successful. Mad skillz alone won't help us.

How to enjoy grinding and read books at the same time {WoW}

Nov 9th 2007 3:25PM @19

No where does the OP say hates grinding. In fact, his only point is farming allow you to multitask. And grinding combined with audible books is fun for him.

So based on your point, he's doing exactly what he should be doing.

Escapist does MMOs and WoW for a week {WoW}

Oct 25th 2007 1:36PM After reading the Angel article, I was stunned. How could they forget the rest of the stereotype?? I expected to hear all about how she helps the wounded and suffering with her pretty human priest. Where's the paragraph about her insights into armor fashion and design? Reskinned tier 1 for primal mooncloth?! How dreadful!!

This article painted a grim picture for girls, with an analogy to a guild being a strip club, and society where you can't speak up when you're sexually harassed. The only function you can excel at is Guild Mom.

Why would she stay in such a guild, or not even tell her "real-life lover" GM when guys make passes at her? (Anyone else think about SNL's skit when reading that? gross) Maybe it's because she liked the attention from a group of guys - to the point some have her phone number.

Add onto that the general tone of the article, and I got the impression she wasn't just the HR department. She was a full service provider. She "could take care of the men's kill for the day. ... a housewife." Must be tough when you don't have actually a husband, but nice if you're trolling for guys. Subserviant? Check!

Or maybe the real issue is there isn't a difference between male and female gamers, no matter how much people want there to be one. I can comprehend strats, pick spec's, press keys, and click my mouse as well as a guy. I can be hardcore and bust chops when people aren't doing what they're supposed to be doing. I'm here to down bosses, not be the "fourth-best guild" on my server. (Who actually says that? lol)

Officers' Quarters: Grading your raiders {WoW}

Jul 17th 2007 9:07AM What no one seems to have mentioned is how cumbersome and time-consuming WWS stats is unless you purchase their membership. I seem to sit in queue for at least a minute for every new analysis of the data. Multiply that by 7 healers for 5 bosses and you're looking at significant quality time with the loading screen.

SWStats is a very powerful tool when you need answers right away. It's very easy to compare the output of 2 or more members, including their ability selection, average output by ability, maximum output by ability, total output by ability, who they're healing, who's healing them, how often they are demagic/curse/diseaseing, how many times they have died, etc. The list goes on and on.

You can take that data and see exactly what discrepancies exist between a player that is doing very well and another of the same class that isn't. You don't even have to know anything about the class. For example, if you have two priests healing the MT and one keeps going OOM, you can quickly find the cause by comparing them. Just look for the differences between the two. SWStats can show if they're spamming inefficient spells, if they're healing the MT plus 10 people around them, if they're average heals are less and they have to heal more to keep up, etc.

The overall damage and healing meters are the most minor functions it can do, imo. If you're only using SWStats for that, you're missing out.

Switching out for a replacement in instances {WoW}

Jul 11th 2007 5:10PM How you find a replacement depends on what you're trying to accomplish at the time. If you're in a guild raid, it's better for a raid leader/officer to find your replacement. They often know who's on a alt and who's sitting at the door, ready to go. There also might be a whole host of parameters your guild uses to invite people (DKP/previous standbys/raid balance) that you might not be aware of. One of the worst things you can do to someone is tell them they can raid, then find out from a leader that someone else is actually ahead of them in the queue.

If you're doing a 5-man or even a 10-man that's considered a "non-guild-only function", then by all means follow the steps outlined in the article.