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Guildless {WoW}

Jul 24th 2007 3:00PM to #14

The purpose of a guild is not to get you epixx, its to work yogether towards a common goal, i.e clearing an instance, dropping a boss. You should already be geared well before you ever enter an instance, ive personally removed a few peps who have complained about not getting onto raids because their gear wasnt up to the job, only for them to say "how can i get gear if i dont raid?"

This shows a massive lack of effort on your part, and shows your one of the people described above who drag guilds down.

Your catch 22 comparison holds no water, outland heroics give away cars for free :)

Does Karazhan need a shorter reset timer? {WoW}

Jul 12th 2007 9:34PM Agree 100% with #11

If Whitesteel isnt talking cows testicles (which i suspect he is, pugs clearing kara in 5 hours?), then he is one of the 0.001% of "hardcore" raiders who play FAR too much, and really need to get some fresh air. These "elitist" people are not a true reflection of the raiding masses, and such a comment from one should not be used as a new or dicussion item IMHO.