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Requiring epic achievements for normal runs {WoW}

Jun 17th 2009 1:35PM While I think this is a bit stupid, there's a slightly misleading tone in this post. 3 links in, the (badly-worded) request is to "link epic" - that means they want to know how far into the "Epic" achievement you are (since you can see progress when someone links it), not necessarily that you've completed it.

I'm the raid leader for a 10-man guild that has completed Ulduar 10 and two of the hard mode kils (XT and IC) and I still don't have "Epic" completed. Not only that, my character has all-but-Undying (lots of sad stories) of the Naxx metas in Glory of the Raider and that was done with almost exclusively Naxx 10 gear.

I could see maybe checking "Superior" because you probably should be complete or nearly complete w/ that one before doing Naxx 10 (especially in a PuG), but "Epic" - even partially-completed - is a dumb test for this.

Patch 3.1 Dual Spec walkthrough gallery {WoW}

Feb 24th 2009 8:17PM And how much did you spend on glyphs? :)

To do another spec "right" is a lot of hassle in the current system. I haven't respecced much myself, but I've almost gotten groups killed because I forgot to add back buttons to one bar or another (as a tank, I have 3 stance bars to upkeep). To be the new spec effectively also involves changing most or all of your glyphs as well.

The time spent to not only respec but re-glyph and reset your action bars makes this an extremely nice convenience. I for one am going to get it the second it launches.

Is Wrath too easy? {WoW}

Nov 19th 2008 6:44PM 10-mans ez-mode? No no, a thousand times no.

Just because 25-mans are labeled "heroic" doesn't mean you should need 24 other people in a raid to get a challenge. Blizz has repeatedly stated that they are just different versions tuned to different raid sizes, nothing more. Easier to get 9 friends together, sure - the ORGANIZATION is easier. The content needn't (and shouldn't) be.

Take ZA; my guild wasn't even on the radar in 25-man content but we cleared it before many guilds in T5 back when it came out because we were better *at raiding 10-mans*. We were also the 2nd guild alliance on our faction to get the bear mount when guilds who had beaten Illidan months back were struggling to complete it for the first time. 10 man =/= ez-mode. It's just a different kind of skill and encounter design.

On one hand, you have more to coordinate in a 25-man (or 40-man) raid encounter, but on the other hand, one death can mean a wipe on a well-tuned 10-man encounter. That's why Kara gave people a hard time originally, because there was a lot more accountability per person. No more slack DPS blending in, and that guy in the fire who doesn't know how to live through a fight is a crippling handicap. (This nearly broke up the guild I was in at the start of BC)

Our guild raids on a very casual schedule, and 10-mans give us a lot of flexibility there. Later raids should be harder (have higher gear requirements) than earlier ones - that is all. 10 or 25 doesn't matter.

BigRedKitty: Down elevator mammoth {WoW}

Nov 18th 2008 12:09PM "Overcharged" Capacitor is the most apt name ever. I think I was making 350 per unit on those at one point.

And yes, about time engineering got some way to make money.

Blizzard Calendar vs Group Calendar {WoW}

Nov 6th 2008 12:40PM I was on my warrior and someone posted an event I wanted to go to my priest on, and I just alt-tabbed, hit the armory, and signed up. Never had to log over or leave game to do it.

Pretty easy way to workaround, imo, though I'd prefer if you could invite people by account and they could sign up who they wanted from the UI without logging over.

Take the player, not the class {WoW}

Nov 5th 2008 4:22PM You're describing a situation that already existed. In even a remotely min-max scenario of even pretty casual raiding guilds, you would never take someone who decided to go "half shadow/half holy". Because what you get is someone who can neither DPS well nor heal well enough to do the content you have.

Your pure shadow priest of yore could still heal, but you never *relied* on the shadow priests' healing to heal the raid - you brought 'real' healers. This isn't a change in 3.0 and Wrath.

The thing that's changed is that the shadow priest used to bring some (unscaling, limited) DPS and a ton of *utility* and at a certain point, for the same reason, their DPS became a real liability.

Now they're normalizing the utility and keeping the DPS more similar so no class becomes obsolete later in content. This is a good thing.

In fact, your shadow priest can now hit a button and become a real healer, which makes their value even a little more (on some fights you may need more or fewer tanks or healers).

Jack of all trades, master of none, is a recipe for being completely worthless in any kind of difficult content. These changes are a very good thing.

Take the player, not the class {WoW}

Nov 5th 2008 4:12PM Simple, when you don't like your environment and you have a better vision you create your own guild.

The leaders of today aren't statically locked in as the leaders of tomorrow. With 10-man raiding as a viable option to the end of endgame, the barriers to entry of creating a raiding guild are a lot lower than they used to be, and you can get started much easier.

If it truly is more effective to bring the best people, and that's what you do, then you'll leave those dogmatic raiding guilds who can't adapt in the dust.

Ask WoW Insider: Wrath and the pre-60s {WoW}

Nov 3rd 2008 5:48PM I still wonder at these requests for new midlevel content. If you've never leveled to 60 or 70 before, obviously there's new content for you by just.. leveling. With the additions to Duskwallow quests there are precious few 'dead zones' in the game anymore, and guides and the leveling nerf make it trivial.

If you have done it before, would you rather your new alts had a slightly more interesting journey or that your mains have more cool stuff to do towards the new content in Outlands and Northrend?

If you don't want a death knight (there's a jump to level 55 :P), I couldn't see why someone w/ no characters over level 40 would be interested in the expansion.

The return of incoming warrior changes {WoW}

Sep 29th 2008 12:53PM This TClap change is great; I'm glad of the revenge one too. My only comment on the article is:

"Revenge added to Sword and Board won't make us use it more because we really don't have a choice: we don't control when Revenge is up anymore."

This is wrong on two levels. Previous to this buff, warriors were ignoring it even when it was lit up, because devastate did more threat and could proc S&B; the only way you'd use revenge was if you were rage-starved.

Secondly, assuming avoidance levels are at a similar level, my warrior in threat (not avoidance) gear is sitting around at over 60% dodge+parry+block. I honestly can't remember the last time I needed shield block to use revenge. On Nalorakk in ZA (who doesn't crush) I frequently tank the troll phase without shield block to do more threat, and I'm able to do revenge, shield slam, devastatex2 just fine without shield block.

Mathematically, at 60% avoidance, if a mob manages to attack 3 times in the 6 second window, the odds you *won't* dodge, parry, or block naturally are a meager 6.4%. Throw in a 2nd mob and it's a virtual guarantee you'll be able to use it on every

Stepping away from +threat {WoW}

Sep 23rd 2008 6:11PM Not to troll, but I really wonder how many DPSers who are afraid of this change are worried that it will make the bar for "not sucking" (i.e., doing more dmg than the tank) higher.

I could definitely see exceptional tanks starting to out-dmg undergeared/underperforming DPSers. Having played DPS (fury warrior/shadow priest) and also tanked, I'm personally glad that DPSers are going to have to play better to maintain the difference between their output and the tank's. Nothing is more aggrevating as a tank than getting the hell beat out of your armor while some undergeared/underenchanted/underinformed is incapable of hitting 12323.. the right way.