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Breakfast Topic: Patch 2.U {WoW}

Jul 15th 2007 3:02AM -Priests are now able to choose their 2 racial spells regardless of race. Changing them carries an increasing cost analogous to talent respecs.

-New zone-specific potions have been added to the Black Temple and Battle of Mount Hyjal. These include Major Healing Potions, Major Mana Potions and Major Protection potions for each school. These potions will be available from vendors inside those zones in exchange for items dropped from the creatures of these instances.

-The amount of creatures before Teron Gorefiend and Mother Shahraz has been reduced.

-Some of the materials required for Soulguard Leggings, Soulguard Slippers and Soulguard Girdle have been reduced. Now they all require 1 Heart of Darkness.

-Added a plethora of raid instance quests. These quests enrich the lore for a number of raid bosses as well as provide extra reputation and some rewards. These quests are not repeatable.