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Enter to win a Creative WoW wireless headset {WoW}

Oct 1st 2009 10:59AM Are Quebecians considered unworthy for this headset and thats why they aren't able to win ??

Insider Trader: Jewelcrafting nerf incoming {WoW}

May 22nd 2009 11:43PM ... im a jcer and i originally was one of two jcer's in the guild in burning crusade (due to how explensive it was to buy all the random world drop recipes him and I were i guess had the gold to actually buy out all the needed recipes for our raiders in guild...) we didn't have any buff or reason to be a jcer except we provided a service for our guild to be sure they had the gem cuts they needed to be the best for the guild.

that is until sunwell and we got some kickazz trinkets

pretty much I am guessing about a third of the guild are now jcer's bcuz of the bonuses... idk i think the introduction of the epic jcing gems coming in will diminish the value of the dragon's eyes by themselves as a whole.. so what is the point in nerfing it in the next patch if epic gems will be coming into play soon and thus nerfing the value of the gems already ?? AKA WHY NERF SOMTHING THAT WILL ALREADY SOON BE NERFED ???

and to anyone that says there will never be a requirement in any raiding guild for a profession.. im sry guess what... its been that way for a while for the hardcore guilds/ if your in a hardcore guild that requires you to have no farming professions and 2 enhancement professions and your unhappy about it... u shouldn't have join it in the first place bcuz they wouldnt be your niche

nerfing jcing now will just result in creating another unbalance in the other way and the hardcore guilds will just force u to pick up leatherworking/blackmsithing/enchanting then... it doesn't fix a problem thats not a problem.. it's a guilds personal choice and honestly with the epic gems coming out its possible these guilds will just force your to take the 3 professions listed above anyways in the near future

Poll: Should 40-mans make a come back? {WoW}

Feb 22nd 2009 7:24PM in all honesty i miss the 40 man raids

i say if there are guilds out there that want to run 40 mans let them i mean there are guilds complaining on my current server that organizing 25 mans is hard... does that mean blizzard should do away with 25 mans and just have 10 man raiding ??

i mean already i manage our website, help with possible recruits, keep track of raid attendance, post raid strats, post raid statistics, keep track of loot, help ppl figure out best spec/rotation for class or just talk theorycraft to get the numbers see if the numbers would align... all to make sure my guilds raiding is as smooth as possible and ensuring that i have a place to play in my offtime.... there are individuals like me that are willing to put in the effort to make organizing/raiding more enjoyable for others so if were willing to go the distance why not let us ???

hell if u want to make sure items are not overvalued just have the same 25 man loot drop from it but have twice the quantity to give ppl more of a chance to get that rare drop (have yet to see the spellcaster ring off of KT to drop)

another thing it would help do is give another raid to do (even if its the same just more ppl) i mean im the guild raid leader and we clear all the 25 man content in 6 hrs (including 3 drakes) if your telling me achievements is what we should shoot for.. we have mostly all the heroic achievements except for some that require u to basically alienate part of your guild to do them

(alienate bcuz u need to take less raiders or u need to take less tank/healer specced players bcuz of the dps requirements to physically perform it like the malygos in 6 mins)

WoW Moviewatch: Insane Gouge Crits 7 {WoW}

Jan 13th 2009 4:48PM The entire explanation from the writer on this site said that this was a pvp video.... not a mock video/ although i wasnt sure wat it was supposed to be cuz if it was supposed to be serious >> 2k dmg on a clothy and 7k dmg on a naked person

Officers' Quarters: Loot whores -- Are you their pimp? {WoW}

Oct 30th 2007 11:52AM I lead 2 karazhan raids for the past couple months (1 on my tauren druid and 1 on my bloodelf paladin)

i dont have much problem with loot cuz everyone in my raid that consistently shows up gets priority in raiding (even if they are only going for one item now)

there was a time when i did run into some loot problems is when a prot paladin complained cuz i let the mt (prot warrior) take a pair of tanking boots off of chess even though he won a roll.. i stopped it and said he should pass because he got the last 4 protection pieces and his tier helm (i passed on my paladin for him so he could have the upgrade)and he got a lil huffy and his wife who was the holy priest said that wasnt fair cuz the other holy priest got 2 pieces that week (she got 3 the week b4 and lights justice that night.. i passed to her also) basically the only person who had gotten screwed ova for loot was my holy paladin and my main tank (he was going on 3 weeks without an upgrade) yet the ppl who were complaining were still getting loot and said they would leave the raid... i just told them ok then just leave ill replace u the same day u try to screw me ova by not coming and going off to another raid so u wont have to have any guilt.

pretty much my loot rules were changed to.. 1 epic per run/ (certain pieces i decide who gets priority.. based off of attendance for mindblade, malachezzen, and the healing weapons)

also due to other problems i had when kara first started coming out i had to make a separate loot table for tier bcuz they would get it then possibly leave raid to a friends.. so tier is also based off of attendance/ all the ppl that join my raids so far have understood and i have a basic DBAD policy (Don't be a dick) if theres tier thats going to drop but u dont think ud use it pass it off to someone else who would. (granted its not forced really cuz i havnt had problems with it)

Arena stats from the second season start {WoW}

Jul 10th 2007 12:30PM Hunters are viable in 3v3 it just depends on whos the hunter and if your teammates know how u play.

Did 3v3 with marksman hunter, resto shaman, moonkin druid (muah) / we are raid spec and other than the shaman actually having pvp gear on him the hunter and i only wear our tier raiding gear and we do fine

between his icetrap/my root and cyclone/ and the shamans earth shock we do a good job against most groups... except if we have to fight a 2ice mages,1 warlock combo just too much burst dmg for us to deal with >< and when we were about to kill mage we get hit with an iceblock