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The Light and How to Swing It: It's all intellect's fault {WoW}

Feb 14th 2010 6:30PM Chase, I want to thank you for making The Light and How to Swing it worth reading. I've been a long time Paladin, and starting with Holy 101, I had been thinking to myself "boy, Gregg really upped his game with this column." I apologize for not checking the byline until now. I've been using CLCBPT since you wrote about it and your thoughts on HL vs. FOL is in line with the recent conversion that my guild's Holyadins have gone through as well. It's great to see those thoughts in a well written article.

Keep it up!

Patch 3.2: Argent Coliseum 5-man story and encounters, Pt. 3 {WoW}

Jun 30th 2009 1:39PM Sorry... Garrosh>Thrall in one on one. Which I think is part of the problem.

They dueled just before WOTLK.

Ask a Beta Tester: The Borean Tundra, Paladin spells, and more {WoW}

Oct 7th 2008 12:51PM In raids, SoB will put out more DPS than SoC. Im not arguing that one.

I am talking about when grinding outside of instances, quite often, using SoB can result in you being getting damaged to death. I have personally found that using SoC rank one (which gives you the same proc damage but lower mana cost) is the fastest for grinding.

I always welcome feedback on Ret grinding though.

Ask a Beta Tester: The Borean Tundra, Paladin spells, and more {WoW}

Oct 7th 2008 12:05PM In relation to the questions about Seal of Blood/Martyr, pre-Wotlk I had been using Seal of Command for my grinding (Im a Belfadin). Come the xpac, will Blood be a suitable seal to use instead (using the healing from divine storm and better mana regen ret pallies should have)?

CT State Representative nominee is a WoW player {WoW}

May 29th 2008 5:44PM She would lose my vote if she were a hunter. Imagine how many pork barrel spending projects would be requested by someone who thinks that everything is hunter gear.

Bornakk hints that Tier 3 might be removed from the game {WoW}

Apr 17th 2008 5:14PM Bornakk confirmed in the same thread, a few posts later that new Naxx is a 25man dungeon and that it will have the same encounters re-tuned.

Around Azeroth: I heart Tyrande {WoW}

Feb 15th 2008 10:07AM During our weekly Raid, one of my guildmates showered Gruul with petals while we were fighting him. Vent was full of "who the hell did that?!?!?" and while no one admitted to it, we one shotted Gruul that night so it might have been due to the luck brought by our guild's romantic.

WoW Moviewatch: 9 Crimes {WoW}

Dec 12th 2007 12:42PM That's Hawt.

Blizzard's stubborn requirements on the summoning stones {WoW}

Dec 5th 2007 6:22PM While reading your post I thought I was back at the WoW forums for a moment. Or maybe Barren's Chat.

QQ---> that way please.

Login servers down, forums explode {WoW}

Nov 23rd 2007 11:59AM I ourchased a new computer today and after downloading and installing WoW, the patches, addons, vent, etc. WoW wouldn't load. I spent a long time cursing this new waste of machine until I realized it was WoW that was down.... not the new computer.

Fortunatly my rage bar wasn't full yet or the computer would have gone out the window.