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Brack: Will Blizzard consider a graphical overhaul? "Yep, probably." {WoW}

Aug 21st 2008 3:24PM I agree with you completely. I've quit the game several times, only to have the sudden urge to play it again. The time I came back after quitting the first time, I had started to dream about it.

Anyway, I know full well I'll be a WoW player for life, but I'm going to play Warhammer some when it comes out (I'm in the Beta, and it's a lot of fun, and does several things really well that WoW doesn't do), but I'm getting WotLK the day it comes out and will love it!

Officers' Quarters: When members vanish {WoW}

Mar 31st 2008 12:16PM As a co-guildmaster in a small, casual guild, this type of behavior is very frustrating. We pride ourselves on being friends, and for the most active members, we certainly are friends. One day, one of the top 3 players (in both time played and level) left the guild out of the blue. Didn't notify anyone. And the day before he was telling people how good the guild was. Now, I understand his reasons for leaving (progression, meaning he wants the phat loot), but ninja leaving the way he did was so dickish. And he didn't understand why myself and the other GM took it seriously. It's because, HELLO, you're our friend. The other GM talked to him on Skype each and every day and they ALWAYS ran together. It just really hurt. And it's happening more often.

So please, don't be a jerk. Tell them why you're leaving, because if you don't, it just makes us think you were in it for freebies.

Blood Pact: Fear kiting 101 {WoW}

Jul 19th 2007 9:58AM Good infos, all. I loved fear kiting and would routinely go find elites to kill just for the hell of it. One of my favorites was Volchan in The Burning Steppes, which I would usually kill for fun at level 58. Here's my routine:
1) Pull with Immolate
2) While he's on his way, start casting Fear.
3) Once the fear is cast and he starts running away, cast instant DoTs.
4) Once Fear breaks, and he starts running back, recast when in range, and repeat the process.
5) When near death, I start tossing Shadow Bolts to finish them off.

I'd usually keep my Voidwalker out just so I could sacrifice him if need be. It was always fun killing mobs that could eat the lunch of other classes. :D