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"Gotta Go" getting easier {WoW}

Jan 14th 2009 12:04PM I got my Red Drake - DK - Mage - Hunter - Boomkin - Warlock group. Pre Nerf BABY!

It Came from the Blog: LFM {WoW}

Apr 18th 2008 9:48AM Um L2 PvP server ::question mark::

Epic Gems for Badges on the PTR {WoW}

Mar 5th 2008 9:53AM This is total BS! Who cares about casuals thats what they are casual players. Blizz is messing up big time! The hardcore raiders do it for the best gear but now it seems you can become a casual with the same amount of time/skill.....

The AV map imbalance in patch 2.3: a different perspective {WoW}

Feb 8th 2008 11:34AM BOYCOTT? Yes there is a BOYCOTT - I roll Horde for my main and Ally as an Alt so don't tell me there isn't a BOYCOTT.

The Ally's are being childish - for the longest time they won AV and the horde still played but now they lose and QQ in turn they stop playing - It proves that these are children who's parents cannot fix the issue nor can they buy a win. It's sad because AV is a great BG and shouldn't be about honor but BATTLE! like all the other BG's are.

Enter to win a $5k Dell WoW Edition notebook {WoW}

Dec 21st 2007 11:17AM Horde please

One last try - Save me from my outdated pc

Enter to win a $5k Dell WoW Edition notebook {WoW}

Dec 17th 2007 5:18PM BREAK THEIR BONES!!!!


Facebook to use profile information to target ads {Download Squad}

Aug 23rd 2007 2:02PM Myspace has been doing this for awhile...