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Trade skill crusader brings back customer service and sweat equity to crafting {WoW}

Feb 16th 2012 5:49PM Well done, Daen! A Sentinels institution since damn near the very beginning. Where there's a greedy nitwit wanting you to shell out 1200g for an enchant (with your mats) because they've got a raid leader that makes them buy patterns with DKP, you could almost always count on Daen to have a less absurdly-priced substitute. Three cheers for Daen!

All the World's a Stage: Can't find the roleplay, page 2 {WoW}

Jan 3rd 2011 5:24PM You've got a very well-written article here. The sad thing is that half of what you've spelled out in excruciating detail should be common sense for anyone wanting to RP in a setting - any setting. WoW, tabletop, or post-by-post forum/LJ RP. Even if you're new to RP, anyone over the age of 12 should grasp the idea of what it is to make a character that stays true to the setting and that won't have people rolling their eyes. You don't have to have an in-depth grasp of the timeline and lore to make a character that makes sense, and yes, if you present that to a group of RPers, 9 times out of 10, someone will go "oh, really? Neat!" and point you to a site loaded with RP resources or will be happy to field questions and clarifications.

WoW RP is inherently flawed due to game mechanics and the fact that every RP server is its own microcosm. You may think it'd be a good idea to roll on an older RP server because it's got an established community - and you're right, but as RP servers age, they become insular. They've watched the good and bad go by, they've had friends and family quit or transfer off to the newest shiny RP server, they've dealt with griefers and naming violations to the point where they don't care. They've got their little group of people to RP with, and outsiders are usually given the hairy eye. It's like being guilty until proven innocent.

On new servers it's the opposite. Yes there's RP everywhere, but there are a good deal of people who came to that new server because they were tired of being made fun of on their old server for their absurd character concept, and in a sort of absurd Mayflower Pilgrim fashion, have ventured forth into new lands where they can practice their retardation in peace and prosper. New RP servers go through more changes than a teenager on prom night. Guilds are going up, RP hotspots are still in flux, RP events are willy nilly and frantic as people try to get things sorted. Is RP Guild A going to be a stable pillar of the RP community for the Horde, or will it crash under the weight of its own drama and grandiose ideals? Is RP Guild B going to host blow out RP parties Alliance side, or will they fizzle out due to lack of attendance because the convenience of holding them in SW has attracted all the griefers? And Oh My God I Rolled On This Server To Get Away From All of The -insert race or class combo here-, will it be known for immediately dismissing the RP of belf warriors or worgen druids or tauren who want to be Grimtotem?

It's nihilist of me to say, but it's true. WoW RP (outside of a regular troupe) is a fleeting, beautiful thing at best. Some days you get it and it's a glorious life changing experience (for your character), some days you get it and you wonder if maybe the police should be involved and if you should maybe visit a doctor, and sometimes you don't get it at all.

Cataclysm starting zone lore and other new details revealed {WoW}

Sep 27th 2009 11:59PM Every time I think Garrosh can't get any worse, he somehow manages to prove me wrong.

Goddammit, Blizzard.

Upcoming mount changes {WoW}

Jun 11th 2009 5:14AM I find it utterly hilarious that people are freaking out over this. Slap to the face, gg casuals, yadda yadda. Pressing your auto-run key and watching yourself run for 20 minutes takes such skill and dedication. (To be honest, my husband went on a little rant when the possibility of a zep between Orgrimmar and Thunder Bluff was hinted at. Something about the run from Crossroads to TB was ... enriching or something. I then asked him if he had to walk to school up hill both ways wearing no shoes and fending off bears with his loose-leaf notebook.'s probably why he never found Mankrik's wife.)

WoW's changed a lot since its release. New content, new skills, new lore. Blizzard has all but admitted the only changes they're going to make to old Azeroth is for levelling faster. No new dungeons, no closure of old quest storylines, nothing. The past is the past, and Blizzard's putting all their time and dedication into new expansions. You spend (or should I say spent) 10 levels in Outland. You spend 10 levels in Northrend. Conversely, you spend FIFTY-EIGHT levels in Azeroth. The same quests for all your alts, the same zones, the same spells, the same wishing you were level cap because those talents further down the tier look really awesome oh god I want them now! Who could blame anyone for wanting to get through Azeroth the 5th, 6th, 7th, or 108th time as fast as possible? Do you want to spend 2 hours in LFG trying to find a Sunken Temple group because if you have to run the length of another huge zone you're gonna hurl? Especially for those Fed-Ex quests set out in Bumble**** New Mexico? I sure don't.

And hell, it could be worse. It could be like a lot of free MMOs (especially the high-end ones) that make you pay real money for any sort of mount or significant upgrade.

After 3 80s with epic flying and a ton of low level alts across all different servers, I sure as hell ain't gonna miss those long-ass runs through the Barrens or Ashenvale.

Why Varian Wrynn is a fool, part II {WoW}

May 27th 2009 11:58PM Great article, had me chuckling at a few parts and reading it aloud to guildmates over ventrilo.

But what I think a lot of people miss (and consequently use as fodder for their arguments) is that before Varian came along, how much exactly did each faction's leader do? Sure, you might talk to them once or twice to turn in a quest, but 98% of the time they stood there, like glorified NPCs. You point out to Thrall that the Burning Blade is established beneath the actual city of Orgrimmar, and does he flush Ragefire out and put suspicious warlocks to the question? No, he just gives you your quest reward and proceeds to sit on his throne. Do the Gnomes move back into Gnomeregan after Thermaplugg's been killed? Sure don't.

Then Varian came along with his big chin and oversized swords and a Dire Maul-sized chip on his shoulder, and Blizzard's writers start using these fantastic NPCs to their fullest abilities. Now the leaders are actually -leading-, but the first thing people will point out is that Thrall's incompetent and impotent, and that he knew all along about Sylvanas' new Plague. Did he? Did you run off to tell him if you happened to quest in Hillsbrad? I know I sure as hell didn't get a quest to bring this important and possibly peace-breaking news to the Warchief of the entire Horde. You'd think if one of the members of his faction were plotting a new chemical weapon that was as effective on the living as it was the dead, someone other than Sylvanas and Varimathras should be in the know. But no, you're given your quest reward and you move on your merry way. I'm on an RP server. My orc shaman would have run hellbent for leather back to Durotar to drop her Warchief a friendly note, just in case Thrall's advisors hadn't already gotten the head's up.

People can't take bad or lackluster in-game writing and apply it directly to lore, and trying to make the jump between what game mechanics allowed (i.e talking to any faction leader and getting a reaction other than flavor dialogue) and how that faction leader behaves is absurd.

Children's Week ruins Battlegrounds {WoW}

May 2nd 2009 8:52PM It's incredibly counter-productive. I mean, hell, I'm on an RP server, so everyone and their great aunt Susan wants one achievement title or another for their character. (Level 10 Blood Elves with 'the Noble', that's all I'm gonna say.) People begged, borrowed, and stole to get onto Ogrim's Hammer for Merrymaker. I had one friend go from level 70 to 80 in under a day, he wanted 'the Love Fool' that badly. (And this guy took 6 months to find a class he liked enough to level above 15.)

So now, here we are, another nifty title for RP, another piece of the meta for a 310% speed drake, and there's asshattery on both sides of the fence. Hardcore PvPers are gnashing their teeth as people run around like morons not knowing what to do, hardcore PvEers are busting blood vessels as PvP regulars get fed up and grief them (or just do the godforsaken BG regularly). Upwards of 80 people are playing Pass the Tower in AV, and there's Joe Jackass running around with the flag refusing to let anyone even THINKING about their Orphan take it for the Achievement.

Blizzard has said before that they do not want cross-faction communication or interaction or cuddlebunny funtimes. Yeah, we share questing hubs and there are carebear folk like me who will help an Alliance in danger and blow kisses to male draenei and smother male dwarves in hugs. But in what strange twisted Twilight Zone world have I stepped into when I'm getting flurries of positive, encouraging emotes from Alliance while my own teammates wouldn't even piss on me if I were on fire just so they could get their achievement?

And to all the people who are saying 'QQ more' and "it's only a lame achievement", I'm fairly certain the lot of you would be positively apoplectic if a group of people stormed your BG of choice and didn't let you farm honor or cap towers/nodes. There's two sides to the same coin here, cats and kittens, and while there's always gonna be the one d!ckheaded Armchair General screaming about n00bs and complaining about everything, Blizzard should NOT be encouraging everyone to turn into that.

Besides, think of the childrens, for cryin' out loud!

The bottom of the top {WoW}

Jul 21st 2007 6:47AM So uh, do you ever have an original thought, or do you just like to link posts from another community and write pointless fluff around someone else's opinion? Just curious, as the pseudo-journalisim is a cute little amusement.