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An exclusive look at RIFT's Update 1.2 and beyond with Scott Hartsman [Updated] {Massively}

Apr 22nd 2011 5:47PM Gameplay in the UK has already reduced the price for this game at £14.99 (considering it was originally £30-40 and it's quite recent it doesn't bode well).

Most MMORPGs (including WAR and AoC didn't decrease this quickly in price) - actually neither did Tabula Rasa, the only ones i can think of are both "auto assault", "Archlord" and "RF Online",

Doesn't go quite well for a young MMORPG... considering they attempted to create a world event quickly (which pretty much failed) in the same respect as WAR's thinking when it was launched (more events than any new content) - it probably doesn't seem favourable.

Lets not forget the lack of PvP warfronts and pretty much anything to do with the current trends on that front. Seems to be a mostly PvE game with a better PQ system than WAR. That's it.

Pretty graphics don't make for success - see Age of Conan
PvE doesn't seem to make for a successful game - Lord of the Rings Online is even free to play, as the current sub method wasn't working (and this is a game with housing and so many PvE goodies, Rift can't possibly compete with.

There is a lot wrong with this game, but it does do many things right.... game is mostly empty on EU (the new servers at launch were a bad idea here, Riptalon is quiet, i mean defiant level is so low i got to level 50 (galahad, got quite a lot of firsts) - mostly because there was only 9 people on at a time.

Hoping since Gameplay has sold out with the £14.99 more are incoming for at least a month... but.... if another MMORPG comes along or a couple, this game is dead.. and burried. May take a year or two... but yeah...

when you have to patch the water camera 4 times since open beta (last beta event) and it just NOW works... it doesn't show well for testing.

In-game fixes for April 20th and April 21st {WoW}

Apr 21st 2009 12:08PM I don't see my achievement fix either, the actual achievement for "eastern kingdoms is bugged" i'm currently on 701/700 quests, and was told by a GM, that the development team are working on it... sigh...

Liveblog: World of Warcraft PvP Panel at BlizzCon {WoW}

Aug 4th 2007 8:38PM wow hopefully next time, they'll actually be audience members who weren't paid before hand to answer those questions.

What are america now copying BBC and Channel 4's substandard process in these things ;) couldn't have been more scripted if it tried !