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Magisters' Terrace illuminated {WoW}

Mar 30th 2008 1:42AM Just as a slight correction, a decent number of these mobs (if not all, I haven't gotten the chance to try on all kinds), despite the fact that they are humanoid, are unseduceable.

Thankfully though for us Warlocks, the Sisters of Torment are enslaveable, and they help out a lot on those big nasty pulls.

Gears of War still TBD, Too Human could slip to 2007 {Joystiq}

Jul 19th 2006 12:41PM Personally, I'm going to be too busy playing Final Fantasy XII by that point to care about Gears of War.

Or, as I prefer to call it: Generic-looking Sci-Fi Shooter #482.

Publishers to miss boat if Wii sells well this holiday {Joystiq}

Jul 19th 2006 12:36PM Well, I think that the people who did decide to take a chance this time around are going to be rewarded. This is due mainly to the fact that the launch is going to be much, much better this time around. Not only is the system unique (which will sell a lot of units) but the launch lineup is far better than the GameCube's, which will provide the system with a nice lift.

Not to mention the fact that, unlike with GameCube, a Mario game is already far into production (one that looks good this time) as well as a Smash Bros. coming likely sometime early in '07. All those things should help Nintendo keep it's momento going nicely for at least a year. And whoever goes along with them is going to benefit.

South Park Republican defends video games in WSJ op-ed {Joystiq}

Jun 3rd 2006 7:12PM Well, thanks to the bloated budgets of the Bush II era, I think that very few libertarians can delude themselves that the Republican party is the major party most in-line with their beliefs. The only thing that this President has done right in the minds of any libertarians that I know is the tax cuts---but they understand how insane it is to cut taxes while increasing government spending.

Unfortunately, however, the Democratic Party isn't a good option either. While the Republican party hasn't lived up to its' "smaller government" plank, Democrats have never pretended as if they weren't going to raise taxes and add to government spending. Of course, the last person to balance the budget was a Democrat, so who knows anymore?

I think, at bare minimum, what most libertarians can hope for is changing the Congress enough so that one party isn't in charge of it all. At least then gridlock can be hoped for--and though it's not a perfect solution it keeps the beast of spending at bay at least somewhat.

Wii won't be more than $250 says Nintendo {Joystiq}

May 25th 2006 10:54AM FYI.

GameCube launch:

Japan: 25,000 Yen

U.S. $199

Just so you know.

Sony expects gamers to "Play Beyond" $599 [update1] {Joystiq}

May 23rd 2006 8:16AM What was the point of this particular post? I thought we already established that most people didn't like the price point--is this just yet another chance for you guys to get all huffy about the "arrogance" of Sony?

Miyamoto: Sony, MS games "same old experiences with new graphics" [update 1] {Joystiq}

May 23rd 2006 8:11AM #59: Since a game is fundamentally an interactive medium, changing the way in which a player interacts with the game does change the game at its' very core. Same content on the screen or not, I don't see how you can argue that Guitar Hero that could only played with a regular controller and Guitar Hero with the guitar are not fundamentally different games.

Miyamoto: Sony, MS games "same old experiences with new graphics" [update 1] {Joystiq}

May 22nd 2006 9:24PM In what way is he wrong? I mean, for a good deal of time now games have seen only very, very incremental improvements and refinements to gameplay. Yes, technically every game is "a new experience", but how many games recently have been markedly different than what has been done before? Look at what was really well-received this year at E3 and you won't see games that are breaking new ground, but that are refining the core mechanics of already existing gameplay.

Not that there's anything wrong with refinement of course, but I think it's safe to say that playing the Wii for the first time is going to be a much, much different experience than playing whatever game you played beforehand. And that experience will continue to be refined, of course, and at a certain point become standard enough that it needs to be changed.

But it's not like they're totally abandoning the old control style. From what we know right now, apparently the new Super Smash Bros. won't be using the new controller. Some experiences demand it, while some experiences will be enhanced and greatly changed by the new controller.

Immersion offers to teach Sony's DualShake to dance {Joystiq}

May 19th 2006 5:27PM #1 This isn't the first time I've seen you post things on here and EA. Man, if you're going to bring your intense hatred of Sony here at least bother typing something different next time.

And as to the question, I could care less. Rumble is an annoyance, and nothing else.

Mass Effect updated screens {Joystiq}

May 19th 2006 2:57PM I really, really hope this game is better than Jade Empire. I loved KOTOR, but Jade Empire makes me a little cautious about getting excited over this one.