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What's Your Best Pet Name? {WoW}

Aug 5th 2006 3:27AM Alt NE Hunter has a white fetish.. white skintone, white leather armor.. named Pallorfax.
I tamed Mageclaw, the white bear..
I named him Polarfax.

Alt Orc hunter had a raptor for a while.. he was my first hunter, and I didn't realize how much pets ate.. since the tag under the pet's name says , I named him "I Just Ate" .

There was a cat - Stimpy. And a Boar - Scrapple.
I think I'll need a CrocoStimpy next...

What Do Cross-Realm Battlegrounds Solve? {WoW}

Jul 17th 2006 11:12PM It would help if Blizz added some sort of preview interface to the BG's, so you could see which servers are full, which ones need more players and how many of which faction, what chars/class/levels are in which groups, etc.. Kinda like BattleNet. That way you could see "ok, there's only 4 in this group, but they're all x9, and the opposition is all x1-x5, so it'll be a good fight.." and pick that server. Would end a lot of whining if folks could SEE why they're waiting for a battle.

Patch 1.12: World PvP {WoW}

Jul 13th 2006 6:19PM This isn't world PVP. This is uninstanced Battlegrounds.

World PVP is fixing the stupid DK issue so folks aren't disincentived against rading the other faction and ARE disincentived to ganking lowbies. World PVP is setting up strongholds that need to be garrisoned to control flight points for the entire zone for the whole faction. World PVP is what PlanetSeige mostly was (without the being nerfed part). But, most importantly, World PVP means more than just the lvl 50+'s get to play. Bring back raids on XRoads and turf wars between SouthShore and TarrenMills. Bring back Raids for Racial Leaders. Bring back WAR!

Character Transfer Controversy Continues {WoW}

Jun 30th 2006 2:54AM 1. Blizzard has repeatedly said the fee is to dissuade folks from transferring chars.
2. Blizzard has never said fee is to cover costs.
3. Costs are insignificant vs. monthly subscription.
4. There are better ways to dissuade abuse of transfers
5. The people most able to afford transfer fee repeatedly are rich gold-sellers.
Blizzard is charging a fee that is unnecessary and fails at its stated purpose, but won't go away because they have the right to do so, and it makes money.

How about discussing original alternatives to the fee?

Character Transfer Controversy Continues {WoW}

Jun 29th 2006 10:55AM Blizzard has a wonderful, built-in means of 'deterring' people from moving their characters, 'willy-nilly', without charging a penny. Timers blow, cause they're passive, and farmers would just stagger them across accounts. You'd need something that must be ACTIVELY done, to EARN the right to move yer character.. hmm. What mechanic does WoW have where you have to do something with yer character to earn a reward.. QUESTS!

Imagine a fairly extensive quest chain, something that takes a couple days of effort to complete. Nothing as extravagant as faction grinding, but a significant step up from The Missing Diplomat. Something that requires an actual investment of time from the player. Now, if I want to move my character once, a quest to earn it isn't so bad, even if it does take a couple days.. but hey, I'm PLAYING to do it, not paying to change up an account I'm already PAYING for. If I want to move several characters.. well, that's no different than having to complete the same quests with those characters to level them. On the other hand, I'm not going to be incentivized to go do that chain, all over again, to hop back and forth between servers without reason. If it's to take advantage of market fluctuations, and it takes me a week of questing to flip between markets.. not really going to be able to take advantage of that. And if I take a week to flip goods from a low-cost to high-cost market, how is that different from spending a week grinding that item to sell? If I'm a goldfarmer, that means several days away from gold grinding in order to transfer a character, which equates to profit loss more significant than $25.
The one constant in the game is play time. Gold is flexible, and real life time can be passively waited out. but PLAYING time is Blizzards real product, the one thing we all have in equal amounts (we all pay %15/month for a months worth of it, regardless of whether we get to use it), and the one thing that Blizzard could charge that requires an active effort on our part without hitting our wallets.

Blizzard talks a big story about how they want in-game mechanics to not be influenced by real life finances. An in game quest would fit with that ideal far better than a real life charge.

More Competition for WoW from E3 {WoW}

May 20th 2006 1:37AM As a new/innovative game, Puzzle Pirates was a pretty cool MMO .. until the puzzles became tiresome. Got to the point I just wanted to sail and build a crew, not play tetris. However, some elements from PP that rocked - it had a REAL economy run by the players.. all goods were player produced. There were no powerups, so how well ye played the game was how well ye did.. no twinking.. But most importantly, a crew had to work together to be effective at pillaging.. all the duty stations tied together, and if Johnny hotstick refused to pump bilges, it slowed the whole ship down. And the officers KNEW it, and could lower his share of booty or boot him overboard. It'd be nice to see an MMO where team/crew development was almost more important than individual powering. WoW's got a bit of that in the tougher raids, based on class/role, but this would apply more to the PVP aspect..

On the Pirate tack, there are two MMO's on the horizon that aren't in the D&D/SciFi ruts.. Pirates of the Caribbean and Pirates of the Burning Coast. First is by Disney, and so will probably be family friendly, and seems character-centric. The second appears more ship-combat centric. It'll be a hard day when they release, cause while WoW rules, I love the smell of seasalt in the morning (even if it is virtual). Now.. if Blizzard came out with a naval combat expansion that made use of that ocean smack in the middle of Azeroth... Naga and Murlocs and Blacksails, oh MY!

Grendalsh, Captain of HMS Dawntreader, Silvermoon.
WTB [Alliance Frigate] Light fire and structural damage ok. PST.

Breakfast Topic: Alts for odd reasons {WoW}

May 6th 2006 12:09AM If you've ever randomly check a server, and discovered you had an alt on it.. You may be a compulsive roller.
Actually had it happen to me.. 3 times. I've deleted almost a dozen alts on various servers, some as high as level 16, that I knew i wouldn't be back to play, just so they wouldn't be counting against the total character limit. I think I still have a few lurking out there.. If you don't use them for a while, the login screen fails to mention that you have alts on those servers.
I've tried pretty much every combo of race/class except gnomes and undead. Gnomes are for banks.. I can't take them seriously.. except for this warrior on dark iron for suicide runs against Panda Attack.. I've rolled 3 undead chars.. and just can't 'feel' them.. it's like they're dead inside :) that and mages. Hope the next review improves things for all ya mages, cause the two i rolled blew mountain goats. Hunters/warlocks are pet happiness. Have a black Teutonic Paladin who vill pump you up, yah.. and pallies really are easy mode.

Breakfast Topic: Acts of cruelty {WoW}

Apr 28th 2006 4:33PM Not so much with the PVP..but..

You know the fountain in Stormwind, just outside the bank? If you do it just right, you can jump up it and stand on the top tier next to the statue..

Well, me and some guildmates were trying to get up it for a group screencap, when some lowbies asked what we were doing.. Without even thinking, I said it was a quest. If you got to the top, the statue had a quest for ya.

Then this lvl 40+ gnome, not in on the joke, joined in trying to jump his mount up there "for the follow-on quest".

For the next 1/2 hour, that statue was covered in lowbies trying to jump up and get the statue quest.. I about peeded myself. Once we finished laughing like the sadistic jerks we were being, we let them know we were yanking their chains.. But at least they learned how to jump up the fountain :)

WoW Insider QuickTake: Nostromo n52 {WoW}

Apr 23rd 2006 10:12PM Tried out the idea I got from Isobelle's post - set keys 01,06,11 to [shift],[ctl],[alt], respectively.
Now can access all three main action bars (main, lower left, pet) from one mode. Set the scroll wheel to Cycle Mode...
Of course, now I have to figure out what to do with the freed up modes. Looks like I'll be storing macro emotes :)

WoW Insider QuickTake: Nostromo n52 {WoW}

Apr 21st 2006 1:15AM Been using an N52 with WoW since 12/04. I use it for
all my classes, though my mains are a rogue and
Priest. Recently reviewed my setup after getting a hunter going as it was my first pet class. My apologies for the following Encyclopedia Nestromo.

The Profile editor allows for printing out a textual
chart of keybindings, so I suppose it would be
possible at a minimum to make class-specific profiles
available as .pdf's, and folks could type them back in
(how lotech)

The following is how I have my N52 setup, and it flows
like the morning dew from the lotus blossom.

I use this for the 'large' movements forward/back, and strafe L/R. The diagonals are for turn L/R, but I hardly ever use these. The right click on the mouse will looklock, so I steer with the mouse itself, and use the dpad for axis movement. Find this makes for exceptionally fluid movement, as the key turns are set to like 45degrees, so they make steering rather jerky. Using the diagonals on the dpad makes one-handed steering possible (i.e. while eating, phone) if clumsy. Using 2handed steering with the mouse for fine-steering and dpad for forward/strafe makes it possible to run rings around WASD players ;) Literally - strafe left while turning right and you'll run in a circle while facing the same target.

This places all movement commands on one finger (well, thumb) and frees up all the keys for actionbar commands. To paraphrase Blue Oyster Cult, "Don't fear the DPad."

Bonus - my mouse has programmable keys, and I use
these for autorun and jump. With autorun on and mouse
steering, cross-country or cross-city runs require
almost no effort.

Shifting modes
I set the three leftmost keys as Mode toggles, with a mode assigned for each of the on-screen action bars (i.e. main bar, bottom left bar, pet bar) and one for emotes. I tried using the scroll wheel as a 'cycle mode', but find having direct access to each mode better than having to cycle thru them, especially during intense action.
Having read Isobelle's use of two buttons for ctrl and shift has me thinking that setting two buttons for those wow-mod keys would free up two n52 modes.. hmmm

Rather than trying to map the actionbuttons to the
numbered key on the N52 (i.e. actionbutton 1 = n52
button 1), remap it the way you mentally arrange your
abilities. (as Isobelle mapped them in a spiral so she knows and/or can quickly figure out where each action should be)
Example: For my priest, my actionbar has buttons 1-3
for attack spells, 4-6 for defense spells, and 7-9 for
healits. With the 3 left keys set for mode toggling, I
use the central 3x3 grid for actionbuttons 1-9. So my
attack spells are the top row, defense the middle row,
and healits the bottom row. then the two rightmost
keys for '-' and '=' for the most used abilities,
Melee attack and ranged attack (in the case of my
priest, Pain). This puts my two most used abilities
directly under my index finger. I use the thumb button
for '0'. I find this button awkward to use, so I use
it for 'auto' abilities.. in the case of my
priest, thats Wand.

Modes & Keymap
The majority of my usage is combat, so un-moded is set
for combat. WoW lets you address the left bottom bar using shifted keys (i.e. shift1 thru shift=). I have one mode set for shifted keys. The Pet bar responds to
Ctrl1 etc., so I have a mode for pets.
And lastly, a mode for emotes.

Other buttons
The orange button is perfect for Esc.
I've tried various uses for the scroll wheel (cycling
modes, cycling actionbars (poor response time on
this), but really haven't found a good use. Would love
suggestions, as I hate having unused widgets!

The Profile editor for the N52 lets you create your
own macros to assign to a button. I use this for the
emotes. Unfortunately, it's not nearly as user
friendly as the WoW macro editor, as it records key
press and release, o n e a t a t i m e. So, if you
type quickly, you'll need to edit the keystroke order.
However, /dance is quite easy to set up :)

Macros and Modes
Because the macro editor records keypress and release
separately, making macros for shift or ctrl keys will
require the following order:
Shift/Ctrl Down
(key) down
(key) up
Shift/Ctrl Up
Otherwise, the macro gets sent as "shift, (key)", and
WoW reads that as just (key).

NOTE! The N52 macro editor has it's own pause
function, allowing you to set a timelapse between
keystrokes. And since it passes the macro as straight
text, WoW wouldn't know the diff between the macro and
you typing. Theoretically, it's possible to write
multi-spell scripts. That being said, doing so pushes
the line recently set by Blizzard in the case of the
gentle that got banned for using the Logitech Macro
keyboard to spam his priest's weapons skills. I would
highly discourage doing this. Seriously, if you can't
get by with every ability you need at your left hand's
fingertips, give it up.

One GOTCHA! to keep in mind with the N52. There's the
Profile editor and the Loadout manager. The profile
editor allows you to assign the n52's keys and save,
say, a Hunter profile and a Priest profile. The Loadout
manager lets you pick which game a Loadout is associated with, assign it profiles, and save a Loadout. Don't be fooled into thinking you can save a Loadout for each profile, however. You CAN, but that's where the gotcha is: the Loadout manager will pick the first loadout for the game you are in (and yes, it does hotswap loadouts based on what program window you are in). So, if you have a Hunter and Priest loadout, and enter WoW, the Loadout Manager will autoload the Hunter profile, even if you manually select Priest (alphabetical). The workaround is to have a WoW loadout, and swap the profiles when you swap characters.