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Breakfast Topic: Age boundaries {WoW}

Mar 16th 2006 12:51AM I started playing MMORG's about 3 years ago, getting sucked in to SWG from the FPS scene by my guild/clan mates. Asa group we are very laid back, mostly in the high 20's to low 40's, with a broad range of nationalities, races, and sex's. As a guild, we have never been that concerned with age, so much as maturity. It is true that we have been bitten, hard on some occasions, by individuals who would be construed as young adults ( mid 10's to 20's), which of course has caused us to be slightly wary of anyone who doesn't know about "school House Rock" " or thinks "Anime" is new and 1337.But we have had some very good experiences with younger people. Its about maturity on their part. I don't believe it has much to do with "leet" speak, or forgetting consonants, but more to do with outlook on life. I met one of the most mature 15yr olds I have ever seen ( I work with teens) playing WoW, and the only reason I found out they were that age was some pointed question son our side pertaining to joining our guild. Sexism, racism, Ethnicism(is that a word?) and ageism is all pretty much the realm of ignorant people. All you can do is lead by example, and try to edumacate those around you.