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GPU accelerated rendering lands in Firefox nightly build {Download Squad}

Mar 2nd 2010 10:18AM Carl, I'd direct you to for a recent summary of startup time optimizations made in Firefox.

Several person-years of effort have gone into speeding up start time, on all platforms, on "warm" and "cold" systems, in the last twelve months.

Mozilla Weave hits 1.0, keeps all your Firefox installs in sync! {Download Squad}

Jan 30th 2010 11:09AM @james.r.mauro:

Unlike XMarks, your information is kept completely encrypted before transmission to the server. Mozilla does not read your bookmarks or history to monetize your browsing history. Also (and, admittedly, this is a potential, not a reality yet) it is an open platform, so addon developers can use it to keep your other browser data in sync.

@Brad Jensen:

The Weave Sync product just keeps your Password Manager databases in sync. It is not an online password server. The Weave team has an "Identity" project to add support for more modern ways of logging into websites, but it's not in Sync yet.

The idea of nuking your settings when you log out is a good one and one that has been kicked around a bit. A slightly better approach, though, would be to improve the Profile Manager that's already in Firefox, so you could just create a quick-use profile, sync it with the server, browse a bit, and then delete it. That's a hassle to do with Firefox today.

1 - Sync between platforms works quite well, nivivar. The Weave Sync addon synchronizes passwords, page history, form history, preferences, and bookmarks, which are all quite portable.

The reason addon sync isn't in version 1.0 is because of the possibility of binary incompatibility between platforms, which is something the team is working on.

2 - Not in version 1.0. It's been requested, though.

Lord Ahune strategy and walkthrough {WoW}

Jun 23rd 2008 1:29AM Just downed him on Heroic with a combat rogue, druid tank, survival hunter, and two resto shamans (one doing mixed DPS), in mostly Kara and T4 gear with some good badge items.

It's doable, but it's definitely a DPS check and was tricky with the unnecessarily-high healing in our group. We had to use all our tricks to have enough damage to get him down, including consumables, both fire elementals and both Bloodlusts, and every other cooldown we could think of. We got him down just after the second Core phase ended; if you have him at 3% or less, just keep on DPSing through it and you'll be okay.

The loot was unremarkable (tanking amulet, not very useful for a druid, and the hardest badges we'll get in a while), but it was a fun challenge.

Does my human female look psycho to you? {WoW}

Mar 28th 2008 5:18PM The Eye of Human Female Focuses Intently!

One day in 2.4 country {WoW}

Mar 26th 2008 4:13PM Ran MrT last night with a bear tank, two rogues, and two resto shamans, all with Kara-level gear. It was a ton of fun, especially the Princess fight.

Had a couple wipes while people were learning what to do, but they were all well-deserved. I look forward to going back on Heroic, and it will provide a fun place to take alts on non-raid nights.

Totem Talk: Odds and more odds {WoW}

Oct 26th 2007 1:40AM For future reference (and perhaps to help people that read these comments), a number of people have been chugging away at the wowwiki Mail healing gear page, here:

Lots of good stuff in there; if you're planning to play resto for heroics and the early raid game, this is where to start.

Learn2raid: Raid speak {WoW}

Oct 11th 2007 12:38PM My 2 cents:

Main Assist and Kill Order are two ways of focusing the DPS; MA is faster and more fluid, but requires more coordination and expertise. And, yeah, Main Assist isn't the same thing as pulling. Raid pulling could be a post on its own... though didn't we just have a post on Hunter pulling strategy? :)

Arguing over how healing gets assigned is silly; if what your raid does works, it's good. I've seen the raid leader handle it, I've seen a healer channel, I've seen class leads assign it based on the raid composition. One bit of lingo that I've heard is a distinction between "bomber" and "spot" healing... the bombers are doing their big, slow, mana-efficient single target heals, while the spot healers are doing the fast, responding-to-crit, sort of heals. Anyway, whatever works for your raid.

(And I see that @16 already touched on that point)

How do you measure the performance of your healers? {WoW}

Sep 29th 2007 5:59PM To the person who said that "mana left over was wasted potential": Wrong. Leftover mana means that they managed their mana burn rate to have enough to deal with unexpected crises.

If your healers are finishing the fight with 0% mana on a normal pull, you are screwed if the tank mistimes a shield wall, or CC breaks early, or somebody's net connection goes laggy and your normal heal rotation goes wonky.

A good healer must a) keep everyone alive, b) prioritize between characters when there's a lot of damage happening, and c) have enough stretch to calmly buy the rest of the party time to recover when things go pear-shaped.

(And, yeah, I buy the general point about optimizing HPM vs. HPS correctly -- it's about flow, and keeping a reserve).

Totem Talk: Masters of the Elements {WoW}

Sep 27th 2007 7:26PM Curious to see if anyone has thoughts on the +healing to +spellpower changes that are coming (33% of your +healing as spellpower, according to the CMs).

What's most interesting to me about that change is what it means for raiding DPS duration. All the mail +healing gear in the game has a lot of MP5, which means that a shammy could put together a hybrid MP5/DPS set that had around 120 MP5 with 700ish spellpower, even with early Kara gear. I'd have to do the math, but it seems to me that on a very long fight, this may actually allow more aggregate damage output than a pure +spellpower setup.

Anyone have thoughts on that topic?

Insider Trader: Discovery zone {WoW}

Sep 21st 2007 1:39PM "Cauldrons" are new recipes that can only be discovered; when used, they create a clickable cauldron object that drops a Potion of Major Resistance into your inventory, rather like a Soulwell.

They are expensive to construct, but cheaper than making 25 resist potions. For raiding alchemists, they're a great time saver -- remember cranking out Fire Resist potions for Ragnaros, way back when?