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Breakfast Topic: The crazy things we do {WoW}

May 24th 2006 8:44AM A friend of mine likes to sheep wolves with his mage... 'cause, you know, wolf in sheeps clothing.

I personally had a "servers are down" Forsaken level 1-9 raid on Booty Bay -> Human Starting area... we killed a level 40ish person (level 6 rogue ftw!) and proceeded to cause mayhem near their chapel in Elewyn Forest.

Kutaragi: PlayStation 3 is "too cheap" {Joystiq}

May 18th 2006 9:35AM $600 is too much for me to pay for a videogame console. I make enough money to afford things I want while paying for things I need. It's quite nice.

I don't see the justification for me having to pay more than $300 for a videogame system. I waited on my SNES and got it for $150 I believe. I spent $300 on my Dreamcast. I waited on my PS2 and got it for under $200. I spent $130 for my DS. I'll spend the same for a DSlite and pass my other DS to my brother.

I refuse to pay $600 for some piece of plastic and parts unless it is a computer. I don't care about Blue-ray. I don't care about HD. I don't care about fancy ass graphics or particle effects. I care about gameplay, I care about fun. I'd love to play MGS4 when it comes out. I'd KILL to play the game. But I won't pay $600 just for the ability to play it. I'll either wait for them to drop it down below $300, or I'll wait for a port of it.

I can afford $600. I just refuse to pay it.

Breakfast Topic: Alts for odd reasons {WoW}

May 5th 2006 8:48AM I too made a gnome purely for the "gnome-ness" of it all. I figured I'd make a gnome rogue, and make her as cute as possible. I then went ahead and hit the Deadmines until I got the entire defias armor set. Now she's a badass! It's just too bad I gave her pink hair... I'd kill for a dye job so it can be black... *sighs*

On a side note, I made my horde banker an Orc warlock, simply because I used to have a human warlock who I absolutely hated playing once I hit 25 (and I got him to 40... yikes). I figured I'd never play the guy, so it wouldn't be another alt to take away from my main's play time. Boy was I wrong... he's already 36... I think I have an alt problem...

Metal Slug announced for Nintendo Wii {Joystiq}

May 3rd 2006 8:48AM While its nice to see you all flexing your online masculinity, can we try to keep these posts on topic? I'd rather not hear how clever and witty you are while you have your own little Grease gang war...

And on that note: Yeah, its kind of lame that its simply another collection of games and not a new entry.

Learn2play: a guide to class roles {WoW}

May 3rd 2006 8:35AM Well, the mage has no way to drop agro. A rogue does. So while a rogue can go all out, backstabbing or what have you, and then throw a feign or pop vanish if it gets ugly, all a mage can do is hit frost nova or hope the tank can grab agro. Keep that in mind when you see your "zomg uber!" damage on the charts before you go talk about mages/locks not doing enough damage.

Metal Slug announced for Nintendo Wii {Joystiq}

May 2nd 2006 3:44PM I'm with #16 here... how the hell is it "oh, and by the way... *mumbles* DS card fighter clash *mumbles*"? That game on NGPC was awesome!

Innervate: Trainable Skill in Patch 1.11 {WoW}

May 2nd 2006 3:34PM Meh.. I'm sure all warriors run around with "phat epic loot" that they found lying on the side of the road. Anyhow, this should be nice for my druid... Now if only shaman's 31 resto was the same way... *dreams*

Breakfast Topic: Ding! {WoW}

May 2nd 2006 9:50AM God, I hate people who "ding!" every damn level. I'll do it at the 3 important ones: 20, 40, and 60. Those the only ones that really count anyhow... Every 10 levels I can understand, but no one cares that you just hit level 33...

Innervate: Trainable Skill in Patch 1.11 {WoW}

May 2nd 2006 9:48AM Ok... so when do Warriors get Tactical Mastery? I mean seriously... Between this, mages getting evocation as a trainable (or whatever their self-innervate is called), it seems Blizzard is just thumbing their noses at warriors...

Breakfast Topic: Acts of cruelty {WoW}

Apr 28th 2006 3:24PM One time, while wandering around the UD starting area with my NE rogue buddy (me playing on my NE hunter), we say these 2 UD guys running by flagged for PvP (on the PvE Uther server). Suffice to say, we figured anyone dumb enough to flag deserves to die, so they each got 1-shotted.

While on the horde side, my orc rogue friend and I (troll shaman) kill anyone who is flagged while we were out questing... though these people were always within 3-5 levels of us. Usually, they don't even know what hit them, so its pretty funny to just watch them drop. Especially when they have friends with them who just stand there and watch you leave.

Also, rooting people who chase me into the water on my druid is pretty damn fun...