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Breakfast Topic: Acts of kindness {WoW}

Apr 27th 2006 12:12PM Indeed.. I'm a huge believer in the "Give and you will recieve" idea. On my druid(s) I had a script that would gauge the person's level and then buff them accordingly. However, I don't play priests/mages/paladins, so now the only buffs I can give out are unending breath and the ones my shaman needs regents for...
but hey, its funny to see people waiting for the Zep, and cast waterwalking on them and go "Hey... hope the zep doesn't dissapear... its a long drop..."

Quest Spotlight: The Green Hills of Tedium...or, Stranglethorn {WoW}

Apr 25th 2006 10:54AM 1st time through: NE Hunter. Collected all the pages by hand (or by bow & arrow), turned it in and vowed to never return to that forsaken coast.

2nd time through: NE Druid. Collected most of them by hand (or by claw), then mingled on the trade channel looking for those who needed my extras and had the ones I needed. Vowed never to return to that forsaken coast again.

3rd time through: Human Warrior. Collected whatever pages I managed to get while questing, went to trade channel and traded around again. Had begun to hate goblins and anything that looked like a pirate.

4th-8th time: Horde. Gathered all the pages on my Troll Shaman, sent all extras to my bank. Each time through, sent any extra to the bank and collected the entire set x10 each. I will never have to go through this quest again, and neither will my guild mates.

10 franchises that need to return {Joystiq}

Apr 24th 2006 10:37AM Bionic Commando (The GBC game was good at least...)
NiGHTS (DO IT! Stop screwing with Sonic and make a good game!)
River City Ransom (No link mode on GBA? Evil...)
Streets of Rage (Seriously... Sega needs to stop dicking around)
SNK vs Capcom: Card Fighter Clash (hell yeah NGPC!)
Strider (I think I bought one on PS1... but it couldn't have been that good if I can't remember it...)
Wizards & Warriors (god, the music still haunts me)
Mega Man Legends (I can second that Ibere)

Joystiq Review: Silent Hill (the movie) [Update 2] {Joystiq}

Apr 24th 2006 10:32AM Personally, I'm not too dissapointed with the movie... But then again, I wasn't all that impressed. I've never PLAYED the games, being the person sitting on the couch next to the guy doing the controlling, but I've been there through them all... (favorite line, "That's Danny...")

The movie had some good SH moments, like the nurses, the burning kids chasing Rose, and Pyramid Head, but overall it didn't really scare anyone, and it didn't have any suspense either.

In the end, it had the "Holy crap that was in the game!" moments, and some thought inducing moment at the end "aren't they in the same room? Why's is so white?", but nothing to make someone who isn't a SH fan run out and watch it again or pick up the DVD.

Square Enix cuts profit forecast {Joystiq}

Apr 20th 2006 8:51AM I can get behind an Einhander sequel... that game was pretty awesome. Also, how about a DECENT Brave Fencer Musashi sequel? Or Bushido Blade? Oh, and for the record, you can stop toting FF3US as some god-given gift to RPG fans... let it go already.

Oblivion's incomplete physics {Joystiq}

Apr 20th 2006 8:44AM Metal Gear Solid had footprints in the snow... I can't see it being some huge undertaking when a PS1 game could do it...

And yeah, Oblivion is awesome, but the character animation is certainly an eyesore at times...

Mom, can you power-level my avatar for me? [Update 1] {Joystiq}

Apr 20th 2006 8:35AM Yeah, some friends and I went over to this for about 6 hours after Ragnarok got boring for the Nth hundred time (somehow, I can't bring myself to pay for a game with no plot/quests). Sure, the characters are cute looking, and the equipment choices mean you can look pretty cool, but in the end I couldn't stomach killing the same slime over and over for no reason other than to hit level 18.

Although... I did play FFXI for 8 months, and I've been playing WoW for over 2 years now... so maybe all I need in an MMO is quests... o_o

Spike Lee movie criticizes game violence {Joystiq}

Apr 13th 2006 1:10PM 38 (Martin) - Now everyone saying the ESRB, yeah whatever!!!. It is the punk kids at retail stores who let kids buy the stuff that make this all a problem. If only the people who were meant to play the games were able to get their hands on them, there never would have been any of these debates and problems. And I have witnessed retailers selling to kids just to look cool and not be a bad guy.

Well, they should be fired then. If I could've done what I wanted at TRU when I used to work there, I wouldn't have sold an M rated game to a kid, regardless of whether their mommy said that "little Jimmy just loves shooting hookers!".

In the past, most violent games either sucked (Night Trap, Friday the 13th (NES)) or were ugly as hell due to graphic limitations, and therefor not grotesque. However, with the advances in graphics, we've gotten to the point in the last few console cycles (PS1/Saturn to present day) where graphics can match and/or exceed movies, and now suddenly they're underfire because you're allowed to do anything you want (from helping a town to fight off vampires to shooting police in the face). Does this mean videogames are evil? No. It means that people are fucked up, and only the ones who can deal with that fact should be able to play these games.

If you're running around Oblivion burning people alive for laughs, then thats no problem. If you suddenly run out to the local WalMart and start lighting people on fire because "zomg, it wuz cool in teh game!", someone should've stopped you from playing that game in the first place, because obviously your grasp on reality is lacking.

We shouldn't be policing what other people play. I have no right to tell little Jimmy that shooting hookers in a game is bad. Because its not. Shooting hookers in REAL LIFE is bad. But mommy and/or daddy needs to get that message across, and maybe put down the Red Book/stop watching Sports Center and read the back of the damn box and make an educated decision for their child, instead of passing the blame off on someone else.

Breakfast Topic: First loves {WoW}

Apr 12th 2006 12:53PM My first character (about 2 months after the game released) was a human warlock. I got him to his mid-30s (and eventually to 40), then started a female NE hunter while waiting for my friends to catch up. While getting her up to 56, I started a human warrior-> 38, a NE druid -> 36, and various rogues/priests/mages/pallys to around 20 before deleting those guys.

Eventually I quit (and 2 months later started up again), but I had deleted all but my NE Hunter... Now that I'm on a different server, poor Elis is wasting away back on Uther...

Oh, and my warlock was a punk-ass... I hate Duskwoods because of him... (though on a positive note, my orc warlock is awesome... maybe because he doesn't have a cleft-lip and peasant syndrome...)

In the end, I'm now playing on the horde, and I've started all my old characters over on a different server... except for name changes... (damn you whoever took Elis on Scarlet Crusade!)

Ubisoft confirms Naruto on Xbox 360 {Joystiq}

Apr 7th 2006 8:44AM Dubs can be better or worse than the originals... don't try to blanket statement this fact. Take Goldenboy for example... AWESOME dub, decent original... Cowboy Bebop? Awesome dub, awesome original. Naruto? Decent dub, great original. The voices could be worse (just watch an episode of One Piece and you'll see how bad they can get), but don't assume that anything that comes from Japan is covered in gold and kanji...

On a side note, "Believe it!" does get old REALLY fast... I guess the original phrase of "dattebaiyo!" would probably get old fast as well, if I actually understood the japanese language...

Oh, and as long as they don't royally fuck this game up, I have high hopes for it.