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Bornakk hints at upcoming threat meter {WoW}

Aug 1st 2008 5:40PM People who say that threatmeters are for cheaters obviously haven't progressed seriously into 25-man raids.

As long as Blizzard tunes boss encounters in such a way that there are things like aggro wipes, aggro resets, multiple tanks who NEED to be 1st and 2nd on the aggro list, etc. there is a need for threatmeters.

Forum post of the day: Using the Auction House properly {WoW}

Jul 12th 2008 11:03AM Lomentari should stop whining, it's not like she owns the whole auction house. Many people list relatively common items for often absurd prices, even with the nowadays easy to come by gold. It seems the more gold is pumped into the WoW economy, the higher the prices become in the auction house. Come on paying 60g for 1 primal mana?? That's just plain silly.

All the new players to WoW can hardly buy anything from the auction house...... 1 pair of green shoulders for a lvl 25.... a whooping of 30g, 1 green headpiece for a lvl 30..... a another whooping of 25g. Those are just outrageous insane prices.

And people complaining about other people undercutting them, but the fact is most people undercut there competition, only some people do this by small amounts while other people do this by bigger amounts. Suppose people just keep undercutting there competition, theoretically prices should eventually become lower and lower, but curiously prices just keep getting higher and higher....

*shakes his head in confusion*

Druids may be getting a res in Wrath {WoW}

Jul 1st 2008 6:28AM QQ some more please people, it's fun to read all the whining about so-called OP druids.

It doesn't matter what Blizzard does, many people just whine because they seem to enjoy whining.


Officers' Quarters: Gold rush {WoW}

Feb 25th 2008 12:13PM Our guild currently has 4 tabs, the first 3 tabs are for all members and the 4th tab is for the officers. Each member can take 2 stacks or items from each tab per day, except for the 4th tab. If members want something from the 4th tab, they can make a request to one of the officers. Donating gold is on a voluntary basis. The guild funds are used to pay for future tabs and for financing things that benefit the guild as a whole, like recipes, enchants, respecs and stuff like that.

Addon Spotlight: Healbot Continued part I {WoW}

Feb 24th 2008 6:40PM @ Lenina

You really don't have a clue do you?!

Don't let the word "bot" in Healbot confuse you, Healbot is comparable with things like Grid/Clique or raidframes with hot keys. In essence Healbot is just another type of raidframe that uses mouse combo keys to heal. It doesn't automate anything in combat, it does no auto spell-rank choosing and stuff like that. With Healbot you still have to choose the type of heals you use and you still have to program the different ranks you like to use.

Curse's terms of use deserve a closer look {WoW}

Feb 16th 2008 7:34PM If you don't have anything better to say, then don't!

Breakfast Topic: The great Kara divide {WoW}

Feb 2nd 2008 9:36AM I'm in a casual raiding guild, meaning we do 10-mans on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday and 25-mans on Friday and Sunday. All sign ups are done through the guild forums, no exceptions made.

Our raidleaders choose teams based on several things needed, like who needs which bosses, do we need any specific classes for specific encounters, which people went to which raid so we can balance things so that nobody gets left out, do the new members (like a new tank) have the right gear for tanking certain encounters... if not he will get invited to the raid, but not as a tank at first. And perhaps the most important thing... each run will have an experienced raidleader to coordinate the whole raid though teamspeak, no matter if the team is experienced or relatively new. This way knowledge gets spread around to the new guys to.

Sometimes we have 2 kara teams running in a week, sometimes only 1 kara team. Also sometimes we have 2 25-man raids, sometimes only 1 25-man raid in a week. We use the 10-mans to slowly gear the whole raid for the 25-mans. Also our 25-mans will have some players that are actually undergeared for that place, but we do make sure that our tanks and healers can take the encounters, so the undergeared players will always be in as dps.

I myself started doing kara in a mix of greens and blue's with only +700 heal, and now I'm fully epic geared. As long as the majority of the raid has the experience and the gear, then it can afford to have some undergeared players in it so they can gear up pretty quickly.

I also thinks it helps that most of our guildies are at ages above 20 and that for many of them Warcraft is not the be all and end all of the world, if a 25-man raid can't go through because lack of sign ups, that's no biggy, better luck next week.

Reader UI of the Week: Slazareth the Moonkin {WoW}

Jan 8th 2008 10:16AM Euuh, why don't you use a viewport to re-scale the rendered world so you don't have to sacrifice screenspace with all those addons? A viewport can also provide that black space at the bottom while still maintaining full world view, this way the need to increase the camera distance is less needed. Simply said a viewport has the possibility to place UI elements outside of the actual gaming world.

A nice viewport is SunnViewport:

AddOn Spotlight: Recount {WoW}

Jan 6th 2008 5:57PM For all the people commenting about the major performance drop, the person who picked up Recount and gave it the temporary name "Recount (Preservation)", has done some additional tweaking and bug fixes that should improve performance by quite a bit.

AddOn Spotlight: Recount {WoW}

Jan 6th 2008 4:38PM The original creator of Recount doesn't seem to play WoW anymore, so the download link you provided is old and probably won't be updated anymore.

Someone took over Recount for the time being and posted it at an updated link at Curse: