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Want to win a 60d gamecard? Caption This! {WoW}

Nov 19th 2007 12:37PM "So if I buy four more boxes of cookies you get to go to summer camp?"

Practical and impractical jokes {WoW}

Nov 19th 2007 8:26AM My favourite joke was back in the old days of MC. Our guild leader became known for his "accidental" multi-pulls. The best took place at Geddon and can be seen in The Art of Pulling video.

Unconventional Group Makeup {WoW}

Nov 10th 2007 6:41AM I did Black Morass a few weeks ago with a rogue, mage, hunter, shadow priest and myself as a resto druid. The rogue tanked. This isn't actually too unusual for him, he has a tanking (defense and mitigation) set and keeps a list of things he's tanked.

As a group of level 64s two days after TBC lauched I did The Underbog with two hunters and two rogues. Tanking at bosses involved bouncing between the hunters, rogues and pets using vanish, FD, and very heavy healing once they'd all been used up.

Back at 60 (and still in blue gear) I ran Stratholme with three druids and two warriors. I once put together a AQ20 clearance with 11 druids. While I wasn't actually involved my guild did (almost, they got R&J which needed some help) a KZ clear with 10 druids.

Unconventional groups can make things more interesting, you just need everyone to know that it might not be the smoothest run they've ever done and be prepared to overcome difficulties they wouldn't normally face.

Breakfast topic: What do you pack for a raid? {WoW}

Nov 8th 2007 10:56AM Resto druid in SSC and TK;
Complete tanking gear
Complete caster dps gear
Additional healer rings and trinkets (ie stamina set, +healing set, regen set, some overlap)
40 GotW reagents
20 Rebirth reagents
10+ Super Mana Potions
10-15 SSC specific mana potions
10-15 TK specific mana potions
5 Super Health Potions
5 Flasks of Might Restoration
1-2 Zone specific flask
20 Heavy Netherweave Bandages
40 Water (on the off chance there's no mage)
2 x5 Superior Mana Oil
3-5 Flasks of Blinding Light (currently doing Letheros)
1 x5 Superior Wizard Oil (as above)
15-20 Blackened Sporefish
10-20 Feltail Delight (or other +sta food)
10-20 Golden Fishsticks (all food dependent on how lucky I've been with the pools)

I'm lucky if I have more than 6 bag spots free for a raid.

Zul'Aman and Scarlet Monastery becoming safer for Alliance {WoW}

Oct 26th 2007 10:05AM While I do dislike ganking at instance entrances, on a PvP server it should really be expected and players know they have to be careful. Whether you like it or not, the ruleset is simple enough for everyone and I'm not sure adding increasing numbers of special cases for guards is going to make things better in the long run. If you are going to protect ZA, why not TK, SSC and KZ, or all summoning stones, or Blackrock Mountain. Once the precedent has been set, anyone who gets killed outside an instance could complain about it.

On the PTR I would certainly have guards (which would be capable of running at 400% speed, immune to all slowing effects, level 90 and able to one shot any player). It should be about testing the instance, not about killing people outside it. On the live servers, a contested zone would make a lot of sense to provide partity between the sides. At least for instances which both sides have reasonable expectation to go to.

Is the Horseman too easy? {WoW}

Oct 19th 2007 5:37PM I think the boss level is fine, but when I've gone to SM and get three rings in 20 minutes, something's a bit wrong. I play a druid, and the healing ring was identical to the Band of Halos I'm already using, and the other two were better than rings in my feral dps and caster dps sets. Compared to the time required to go through heroics or KZ it is a very easy option.

Probably I would have put the horseman in a level 70 instance. Maybe more than one of them, so it takes a bit more work to get him, but it's still an extra boss anyone should be able to do. You could still run it multiple times a day if desired, but there would be just a bit more effort in getting to the horseman.

Paying your dues with guild taxes {WoW}

Oct 17th 2007 11:28AM While my guild has never had a tax, we raise money in two ways. Firstly every item that drops in a rostered, raid instance is guild property. This goes from green items to BoE epics (although the latter are offered to the guild first). This generates a solid stream of income.

Secondly if there is ever urgent need for gold or items, we just ask for donations. This could be gold, a needed item from the AH, farmed mats, a transmute, or whatever you can spare. I've always found people to be generous and whatever is needed collected very quickly.

Caption This! {WoW}

Oct 1st 2007 10:50AM Aren't you supposed to be in a Collector's Edition somewhere?

How do you measure the performance of your healers? {WoW}

Sep 29th 2007 5:25AM If everyone stayed alive then the healers did well. I suppose success is the important thing, although it means two things. If people died it does not automatically mean the healers were bad, and if the fight had lasted another minute, what would have happened.

I play a resto druid when raiding, and I see there being two types of good healers. The first races out of the blocks, drinks mana pots all fight, finishes the boss fight with very little mana and ends up at the top of the meters. The second hangs back slightly, constantly asking, "What if that happened?". They are the ones who you miraculously find are keeping everyone alive when half the healers have died. I believe there is space for both types in my raids, and it's very difficult to measure people until you play with them.

One thing my guild has done is hold 'Healing Workshops', where we get as many guild healers together as we can (I think we had 14 at the last one) and talk about addons, technique, encounters, spells etc. We found this both improved healers individually, and had them working as a team better as they had more understanding as to how the other classes healed.

New Arena Calculator and browser plugins at the Armory {WoW}

Sep 26th 2007 9:57AM Find the search engine xml (world-of-warcraft-armory.xml), open in a text editor, edit two lines near the end of the file from to and it'll work fine for the EU armory.