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Breakfast Topic: Were you impressed with the Mists of Pandaria press event? {WoW}

Mar 23rd 2012 10:30AM Not impressed... cause the development seems a bit skewed. Especially with the NDA lifted and beta starting I was expecting a bit more.

They got near fully developed classes for MoP on one hand (warlocks, druids, paladins... inc glyphs, spells, talents etc) and on the other they have incomplete classes that dont even have working spells and placeholder animations.

Worse of all the classes are Priests... they still look like they are on the drawing board, havent even completed the holy vs discipline healing complications and shadow priest dps is such a mess that its unusable cause passives and major spells are like completely missing due to the bad conversion from Cata to MoP.

Some word, some insight, some sign of progress from the devs about the outcome of Priests. Seeing so much about locks and druids and other caster/healers make me feel sick and get that bad wotlk beta feeling that priests are going to be rushed again and non-fuctional for all of 5.0. Blizzards beta development still looks like kids playing in a sandbox after all these years.

Spiritual Guidance: Brainstorming the future of shadow priest glyphs {WoW}

Mar 21st 2012 4:14PM Minor Glyphs... which were mentioned in the MoP press coverage all seemed to be the minor glyphs that alter cosmetic factors.

We asked for years for a Minor Glyph of Shadowform, they never did it, took them until 4.3 to give us one and that was only cause of the transmogrification and all it does is make us lighter. I would like to see either different varieities of Shadow Form (black flames or something less 1.0 animation) else cosmetically speaking I would like to see different appearences for 1) Shadow Apparitions (like shadow orbs or skulls) Shadow Fiends (like an Eye of Naramas) and Shadow Orbs (into skulls).

A glyph to change mindflay from a channel spell into a cast spell.
A glyph of shadow shackles, while in shadow form, shackles work on humanoids/beasts.
A glyph that makes Shadowfiend a permanent pet (maybe even change it to a range pet that follows the priest) but reduces its damage/mana regen to scale equivalent for it being out all the time.,

Spiritual Guidance: 5 things I want for shadow priests in Mists of Pandaria {WoW}

Mar 8th 2012 3:35AM A reliable CC like sheep, trap, banish, hex.... that works on humanoids/beasts
Shadow Priests are one of the few classes that cant do it, and that can hurt us in pugs and lfg/lfr.

Also I would like to see a larger arsenal of spells maybe including knockbacks, novas, traps. roots. With so many holy spells being removed from us, I would like to see more shadow spells to take their place.

Shadowmend, nearly every shadow priest npc has this little beauty of a spell, I would like to see a channelled healing spell on shadow priests... not strong like a healing priest, but more utility like where it takes full channelling to get even a moderate healing rate.

Most importantly, I would like to see a Shadow Priest "Stealth".... we are more shadowy that rogues and nightelfs, but we do not have the ability to blend into shadows and vanish from sight is pathetic.

Know Your Lore, TFH Edition: The naaru are a menace that must be destroyed {WoW}

Mar 4th 2012 5:06PM The Evil of the Naruu must be stopped before they give the power of light to the gnomes, their are gnome priest... true evil will come in the form of gnome paladins... and then one day a gnome paladin engineer will wonder how the light works, and they will tinker, one mishap to destroy the light and all creation. Think of gnomeragan, but on a trans-dimensional scale.

Players manipulate SWTOR's guild system to create a premature Oceanic server {Massively}

Feb 28th 2012 1:58PM Seriously... this is news

1) WTF is this news.... 2 and a half months after servers were assigned. The daisy chaining plan for Australian pve (harbinger) / pvp (swiftsure) servers were at least 4 months prior to game going live... so thats like half a year old imo.

2) Like the Kotuka article finally stated, australian servers are going live this week.

What would be real news... would be if they had some inside scoop on the Australian servers (like where they are besides "local") or actual details on the server transfers. EA and Bioware have been silent besides the "official" statements.

Spiritual Guidance: The Mists of Pandaria pre-beta shadow priest {WoW}

Feb 22nd 2012 4:10PM The truth behind MoP Shadow Priests known talents via the calculator is this. Blizzard hasnt done anything.

First release of the talent calculator they put their first draft, which was the minium they needed to do to make it "usable" in the dev testing. It was so badly done they forgot spells that experienced priest noticed instantly that were missing... including no devouring plague and outdated mind blast and vampiric touch, hadnt updated spell texts to match talents, and didnt include "most" of the required passives. (ie spirit to hit talent which is a massive ommission)

Second release of the talent calculator, they didnt do anything... except corrected the text for Mind Blast and Vampiric Touch, the the removal of the Shadow Guise (which was just another Dispersion like mechanic). They have also admitted in blue post they havent done anyhing yet, cause its still being developed.

Reviewing and breaking it done, like you have done in this article is just a waste. All we can do is bitch about being left to last, and pray the new Shadow Orb mechanic is much better for MoP than it was for Cata.

Also I hope they add a lot more shadow priest spells and abilities to "fatten" up our spell book and give us more options on par with other casters (mages, locks, elemental shammies, moonkins) including better and stronger CCs, AoEs and buffs.

New Star Wars: The Old Republic video celebrates a successful launch {Massively}

Feb 22nd 2012 3:47AM Community member feedback in the video made me think it was a tiny bit suspect… when two gaming “professionals” from Roosterteeth poped up. If only they had the RageQuit guy feedback :P

Wonder what/who the other “community” people where ?

Breakfast Topic: What's the best race for each class? {WoW}

Feb 21st 2012 11:33AM Gnome Priests are the worse combination, its just plain terrible.

There was no gnome priests until the impending Cataclsym and threat of Deathwing comes, the world is about to end, and zomg the gnomes suddenly find religion... thats not belief, thats desperation, they are just using our belief in the Light out of fear of their own impending doom. Its an offense to true believers in the Light.

... and the super worse part, its one step away from Gnome Paladins. *facepalm*

The Daily Grind: What will your favorite MMO look like in 20 years? {Massively}

Feb 15th 2012 11:09AM You refer to Ultima Online and M59, i would like to think more in terms of MUDs which were purely text based (akin to Zork)

If the graphical UI and player interface does not have a drastic improvement in 20 years, there will still be far too many elements that still will be the same regardless if it is an MMORPG, MMOFPS or MMORTS or whatever. Graphics will improve, but people will still have to deal with bugs and people will still cry about nerfs and pvp griefs.

If the graphical UI improves to something more out of Scifi... then MMOs will look to the next generation as text based games looked to us now. So how can we truely guess.

Even now, there are no more original ideas (hollywoood proves this movie after movie) so what ever is produced in 20 years... will still probably claim some homage/elements to either a franchise or a basic game genre (fantasy, military, scifi, horror). Then again how do we know whats in 20 years, when Blizzard wont tell us what is in 5 years cause they wont tell us wtf is "Titan"

Or worse comes to worse, I remind people of Albert Einstein when he "I do not know what weapons World War III will be fought with, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones."... so maybe in 20 years, our next game children play will be sticks and stones for real, cause no more MMOs exist cause of war / aliens / virus / zombies / robots.

Breakfast Topic: What is your class theme song? {WoW}

Feb 14th 2012 8:20AM What!!! Robin did you forget about priests ?
or cant think of an appropriate music selection for holy priests and shadow priests ?