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Updated Patch 2.3 Test notes with more class changes {WoW}

Oct 11th 2007 8:58PM @3 sorry bud, you're wrong WE is an excellent talent, it decreases our chance to be parried/blocked/dodged, effectively increasing our threat gen, decreasing our chance to be parried actually decreases our damage taken by bosses, did you know a good ret pally will be behind the mob, thus only effected by the miss mechanic. 10% is godly for my protection paladin who already has 932 stam unbuffed and is uncrushable.

Enter to win a Spectral Tiger Mount from WoW Insider! {WoW}

Jul 26th 2007 12:15AM This mount looks completely awesome, I've never had a vanity item like this, mostly because as a pally my bags a are full of different gear (oh how I love my summoned ground mounts). Guess I'd make an exception for this one though, got to be in it to win it.