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No pure +damage gear in Wrath, claims Kalgan {WoW}

Jun 9th 2008 3:44PM I hope this will help things a litlle for druids. Currently, if you want to fully use all the possible specs, you must constitue 4 sets of gear : tank gear / dps gear / healer gear / caster dps gear.

This class was supposed to be "jack of all trade" but I found that the time required to constitue one good set of gear is so extensive that once you have it, you just don't respec, unless you have the courage to grind again a new epic set of gear. Some classes just need one set to use all their possible specs. But druids need 4, and therefore 4x more time played, to achieve the same !

So if as a druid I could either have to grind for only one set of gear usable in all specs or have the possibility to exchange for example the heal set for the feral set when I respec, it would be great.

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Dec 21st 2007 8:11AM HORDE !!

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