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SWTOR welcomes Collector's Edition arrivals and suffers credit farmers {Massively}

Dec 18th 2011 2:15AM I've had spam comments on my blog for that site, from a few weeks ago. I guess it's inevitable that credit buying and selling will happen. I'm interested in seeing how bioware will deal with the farmers, given they have stuff like player activity heatmaps, maybe they can spot them.

Or maybe just MMO inflation will be used to make credits worthless.

The CE wrist band costs 1 million credits in game, giving a toon access to the CE store. I wonder how much 1 million credits will cost from the gold selling scum? If it's more than the difference between normal and CE then they're as stupid as I think they look.

The Daily Grind: Are you in favor of SWTOR's 'legacy' surnames? {Massively}

Nov 21st 2011 8:57AM Its ok I guess, but this means I have to think up two cool names. Thinking up one name is hard enough, but two!?

It also means a rush to the end of the 1st chapter for those who want to bag the "best" legacy names, and a lot of annoyance finding alternate names for those who do not rush.

Still, I think the idea is quite a neat way of letting people know who your alts are, very role-playing like.

Need a beta key for Star Wars: The Old Republic? Silly question? {Massively}

Nov 14th 2011 3:07PM "When the test starts, BioWare will begin inviting groups of players every 24 hours until they've invited everyone with a key into the test. They also say that the test will run approximately four days, giving some players more time to play than others."

What's this about? I've not seen this info anywhere, or in the official FAQ on Do you guys at Massively have any more information?

BioWare steps up The Old Republic account security {Massively}

Nov 8th 2011 5:42AM This is odd because when I created an account before October, their website enforced the password rules they are "bringing in". So I already have one number, a capital and lower case letter in my password and it is over 8 characters in length.

It is really strange that they are making people change their password when they registered with the rules in place. I am not sure what to make of this!

Blizzard issues transmogrification system clarifications {WoW}

Aug 19th 2011 6:45AM This looks like a neat feature, but it seems Blizzard are adding another grind to do in WoW if you fancy - running old instances repeatedly trying to get drops you need.

I would quite like to get some Karazhan Tier 4 due to my nostalgia for the place. However this means running Karazhan loads. Now this seems to be another avenue of grinding to keep people busy in WoW, which is quite clever of Blizzard just as people seem to be getting bored (well 700k people anyway).

If they had provided sets of armour items you could choose from, you wouldn't need to grind for the armour and thus the feature would only take a few minutes of your time, rather than hours and hours.

Personally, I am not impressed by an option of "new things to do" being grinding old instances so I can cosmetically alter my armour. Of course others may like to do this, fair enough, but if they had provided pre-canned sets to transmogrify into, you wouldn't need to do this grinding.

What's happening in the Whispering Forest? {WoW}

Jul 19th 2011 3:28PM Maybe these magic dragons are doing rituals to correct mistakes in Azeroth. Most recently they have finished their spell to add Valor Points back onto tier 11 bosses.

I will be going straight there today, to petition for Sentry Totem and 10 man UBRS to be magically fixed.

That, or some future quest chain for 4.3/4.4 might send us here?

The Care and Feeding of Warriors: Firelands reputation rewards {WoW}

Jul 11th 2011 6:25AM Yeah I was going to say, unless it's been hotfixed, you need to unlock Shadow Wardens and Druids of the Talon, then grind 125 marks to unlock one of these vendors. Then another 125 for the other.

WoW Archivist: World of Warcraft patch 1.3 {WoW}

Jun 8th 2011 10:38AM This reminds me of when they restricted UBRS etc to 5 mans. With a dungeon player limit, they added it precisely to stop what was going on in the game which make for a relaxing, fun run - smashing an instance with loads of people.

The 15 man cap wasn't too bad and I have fond memories of running UBRS in 15 man raids formed from the City channel, but when they slashed the limit to 5, they really ruined that part of the fun pugging scene.

Ready Check: Soothe the savaged nerves {WoW}

Apr 24th 2011 3:34AM One good piece of advice is don't worry about max dps, worry about surviving the encounter and doing the right things first. I'd rather die to an enrage than lose people early because they messed up because they were trying to top the meters and do the crazy raid dance,

You should be excited by the new Dr Who, the first episode was pretty crazy!

Lichborne: New death knight gear coming in patch 4.1 {WoW}

Apr 20th 2011 6:38AM Wow, there is pretty much everything I'd want in the new heroics, apart from trinket and relic.

I don't think "new level 85 death knights" will be able to get in, isn't there some higher average item level needed to queue for the new Troll heroics? Something more than 329 that we need for heroics now?