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Voice chat is here whether you like it or not {WoW}

Oct 2nd 2007 1:06PM The UI is excellent. It works intuitively, it's easy to see who's talking when.

It took a bit to set up the volume so I could actually hear chat over game sounds. No big deal though.

No stability problems at all, and my server's sucked anytime there was a load related stability problem.

The sound quality is horrible. I mean "generation 1 digital cellular" horrible. I mean "wow, they actually meant it to sound like someone yelling down a long corrugated steel drainpipe?" horrible. It sounds like cows farting in a cave. You know how when you're talking to someone on your cell phone and you're just about to lose the call? Yeah, it sounds like that ALL THE TIME. We used a private, paid for TS server, and the sound quality was better-than-landline, so maybe we're spoiled. I think we're going to either continue paying for vent or try out an alternate solution that sounds better, like have everyone sit near a window and yell or use a tin-can-and-string.

Blizzard, buy some more bandwidth and use a slightly less-dodgy codec. You know, something with a 2.5k bandpass instead of a 1.8k bandpass?

Around Azeroth: On Medivh's terrace {WoW}

Oct 2nd 2007 12:05PM The people who are saying this isn't the hardest encounter haven't tanked it. This is probably the hardest-to-tank encounter in the game at this level (i.e. kara + heroic level, there are much harder to tank encounters in The Eye, SSC, etc). It requires flawless execution on the part of your tank, from the intial grab and aggro, to the tanking of the skeletons, to the next grab and aggro. Stance dancing, crushing blow avoidance, aggro resets, rage issues from stance changes. All adds up to tank hell. But he does drop a nice BP.

If you're getting too many infernals on the prince, kick the melee DPS out of the raid and get competent ranged dps. The prince fight is trivial with the tank in melee and everyone else ranged. The difficulty with the fight increases directly with the number of melee dps in the group. Once your ranged DPS has learned the encounter and has geared up enough to have enough DPS when 2 of them die, then you can bring in 2 melee dps. The 2 melee dps can actually try and kill him, or just sit in a corner and collect loot, same effectiveness either way. Blizzard completely hates melee DPS for almost all PvE encounters, they throw them enough love to cause drama in guilds basically.

Attumen: Melee DPS neutral

Moroes: Melee DPS neutral

Maiden: Melee DPS sucks, dies really fast, worthless, have them sit in a corner and bandage so they don't distract the adults at the table.

Little Red Riding Hood: Wolf turns a rogue into LRRH, one shots the rogue, gets back to the tank. Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

Dorothy: Melee DPS neutral

Romeo: Interrupts are nice. Good thing I've got an elemental shaman, a mage, and a shadow priest. The shaman and mage can even purge the debuff. Sorry Rogues, I know the trinket's nice, but that cleave sucks to heal through.

Curator: Melee DPS must have so much arcane resist gear that they may as well not show up.

Illhoof: Ask one of your warlocks to spec 0/21/40, put them in a group with a paladin with concentration aura. Find ranged DPS that can actually change targets. Loot.

Shade: The melee DPS gimme, who drops the most caster gear of any boss in the instance. Too bad almost all the caster gear sucks (the wand is nice though).

Prince: The less Melee DPS the better, given that you can only actually hit him for about half the fight you're not crippled on.

Netherspite: Got an offtank? That's all the melee dps you need.

Nightbane: Ditch the offtank and bring an extra healer.

I miss anybody?

Blizzard really screwed up when designing kara. The 10-person format blew a lot of guilds up because it changed the raid makeup from 15% healers/10% tanks to 30% healers 20% tanks, so 50% of the raid is very class dependent. Then they made these hugely melee unfriendly encounters like Maiden and Prince, where the more melee you bring the more actively the encounter just sucks. Then they add an encounter like Shade which is very rogue friendly just so you have to rearrange the entire raid for one encounter.


Old raids for new raiders {WoW}

Sep 26th 2007 5:25PM We did a raid a couple weekends ago, a sunday night, in MC just for kicks. Had 20 people in most of the night.

Bosses do scale. Their percent chance to hit you and your percent chance to hit them scale (both spell hit and melee hit).

However, their hit points do not scale, nor does their damage output change. Consider that when I was tanking MC as a third-stringer, I had between 5 and 6k raid buffed. Our MT's are now hitting 3 times that in some cases. So when they take a hit for, say, 1K damage, it's not a big deal. Also consider that my damage output has increased by a factor of 3 or 4.

The results?

2 Hours 40 minutes elapsed, because we forgot to bring enough aqual quintessence and had to stop and summon people.

We didn't have any hunters available, so we killed magmadar, the one with magma loogies, with no tranqulizing shot and didn't even notice a damage output change.

We AOE'd Garr's adds.
We essentially AOE'd Majordomo's adds.
We killed Sulfuron's adds so fast that they were dead before they got to the top of the hill.

Our third tank was a level 70 arms/fury warrior, who tanked everything with a 2 hander.

Our second tank was a green equipped level 68 druid.

Our MT was our hurtful strike tank for Gruul, a druid.

Ragnaros died, with 20 people, before sons spawned. The casualties were 1 rogue who hadn't ever done the encounter for real at 60 and didn't back out in time for a knockback and didn't know where the lava pool swimout spots were. By the way, environmental damage scales also, so if you lava swim in MC, you still take full damage.

The draw of DPS classes {WoW}

Sep 18th 2007 4:03PM Maybe it's because of Heal, DPS and Tank, only one of those 3 has any solo utility at all.

Daze of our lives: The continuing story {WoW}

Sep 14th 2007 10:18AM Daze only slows run speed, it doesn't slow attack speed.

How is this going to be a threat generation problem?

If a tank lets something get behind them, they're doing it wrong anyway. You cannot dodge or parry blows from behind, so you lose about 30-40% of your overall damage mitigation when the mob is behind you. If you're chasing something down that got loose, you can intervene(yeah, intervene doesn't work most of the time, I know) or you can just back over to it. Chances are you'll now be backing over instead of running over.

Blizzard, do the unthinkable {WoW}

Aug 29th 2007 8:42PM The problem is that if they release early it's bad, because they're changing some things over to BOP from BOE (there's a sticky in the general forum) and if they announce a date and go early, there's a good chance a bunch of stuff's gonna get bound to level 5 mules.

And if they release late, we all think they're buffoons.


Totem Talk: Shamans in development {WoW}

Aug 17th 2007 8:32AM My bet on the +damage thing is it will be tied to a high-end talent.

Like Lightwell will have a "also adds 50% of your healing from items as damage to your smite, shadow word: pain and shadow word: death spells".

Why? To prevent shadow priests from getting benefit from the skill. Remember, they're fixing a talent-related problem here, makes sense to do it with a talent.

WoW Insider coming to Dragon*Con! {WoW}

Aug 14th 2007 9:43AM I'm there. First time dragon-con :)

Breakfast Topic: Runes and hero classes {WoW}

Aug 13th 2007 9:42AM @4 agreed.

There's a vast shortage of decent gnome game art.

Where's that from? You credited the picture but no link to the site? :P

Thank a Tank (and everyone else) Day {WoW}

Aug 9th 2007 4:04PM Cheers for a role that has to have the widest variety of resist and role gear of any, and in the case of warriors, the least ability to earn money to afford it. Mages, warlocks, rogues, and hunters need to carry gear to kill things. Priests, paladins, and druids carry gear for whatever they spec for.

Defense set
High stamina set
Nature resist set
Frost Resist set
Fire resist set
DPS set (lol dps)
+Hit set

And if I'm really lucky with green drops I farm 50g/hour.