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Dec 14th 2007 6:19PM Alliance

BigRedKitty: A Video Special Event {WoW}

Oct 17th 2007 6:55PM I don't know why so many people complain about 'epeen'; qq more imo. Also, there's no reason you must know how to chain trap by 70. Certainly by the time you're geared for kara but not right away.

The only problem I see with the video is that it's a best case scenario for a fairly overgeared group. There's a lot that could go wrong and it would also be worse if your dps is slower on the other adds. It's still nice to have but if you're a hunter new to kara you should keep these things in mind.

BigRedKitty: Smacking the Hit Cap {WoW}

Oct 10th 2007 6:04PM This totally misses the point of hit rating. The only time hit rating is critical is if you're supposed to MD pull something.

In terms of dps, hit is just another stat with only one distinguishing feature: it has a cap. You shouldn't neglect it, but you shouldn't neglect agility, attack power or critical strike rating either.

The only time you should gem for hit is if you absolutely need some yellow gem points. 1 agility will always give you a better boost to dps than 1 hit rating.

Enter to win a Spectral Tiger Mount from WoW Insider! {WoW}

Jul 26th 2007 1:50PM Pick me! You know you want to :)