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The Martin Fury scandal: Karatechop reveals all {WoW}

Apr 30th 2009 11:01PM This is an interesting situation.

Thing is, the majority of all players would likely do exactly what Karatechop did. If I recieved Martins Fury from a GM in the mail, I would deem it extremely strange, but my first instinct wouldn't be to question why I was sent it. It's their mistake not mine. That can't be argued.

It would have taken more effort on Blizzards part but a correct course of action here would have been to remove any loot earned with this item from all members involved, wipe their achievements earned and cleanup whatever other messes were caused by their mistake, and at most some kind of temporary suspension to the core "offenders".

If Karatechop or his buddies had somehow hacked a game mechanic or exploited something then that would be a different story and I would agree with all actions taken, however to receive an item in the mail system from a Dev or GM is a different story entirely, and deliberate or not, Karate did not exploit anything in order to OBTAIN this item.

Should every class be a hybrid? {WoW}

Apr 30th 2009 6:25PM This is an argument I've had with friends and guildies for a long time.

The problem with the system Blizzard has in place is that Hybrids have the potential to be Jacks of All Trades, Masters of All Trades.

I've never thought this to be fair really. Locks/Mages/Rogues/Hunters should out perform any hybrid class in DPS with similar rated gear, without question. Unfortunately I think Blizzards reasoning is that some players don't take advantage of Hybrids functionality and stick to one role exclusively, so I can see that point of view being factored in.

Thing is, as someone who plays a Warlock, who started their character years ago, back in the days of classic WoW, to think that if I ever get the desire to Tank or to Heal, it means rerolling an entire new class from level 1 (with the exception of DKs at 55 which is kind of a bonus I guess) and grinding through all the levels just to try out a new role, seems kind of harsh compared to someone who happened to play a Druid or Paladin, or any other multi-role class and needs a simple gear swap.

Collecting an alternate gear set on a hybrid is nothing compared to starting a new character from level 1-80 then regearing just to try something new.

Might be nice to see Blizzard offer some kind of "Pay-to-class-change" kind of option, where for $20 or whatever you can change your class once per year or something reasonable to whatever you like, retaining all current gear/level, meaning if you changed from a Warrior to a Druid you would need to regear completely as your plate would be worthless.

Does 'bring the player, not the class' apply in PvP? {WoW}

Mar 7th 2009 2:46PM Group PvP should never be BTPNTC. Sure in 1v1 I would expect it to be more "player ability" over anything else, but in group combat, diversity plays a major part in tactical strategy.

There will be exceptions, but it's common sense that you shouldn't see 3 or 5 warriors in 3v3 or 5v5 respectively, beating out more well rounded teams that compose of ranged, close combat, melee, spell, healing, or otherwise. It just wouldn't make sense.

The same is true in that armies don't fight wars strictly with infantry.

Basically what you have in WoW pvp is this:

Groups of very skilled players using very bad class combinations will beat out very poor players using the best class combinations. When you put equally skilled players up against each other it will always come down to class combination.

WoW botter tells all part 2 {WoW}

Feb 17th 2009 7:59PM Bottom line here is that some peoples time simply is more valuable than others. A case can be made for botting.

If a successful businessman who makes $350,000 anually happens to play WoW, I'm sure he doesn't have the same free time to level alts or farm gold as the fat 7-11 employees who play.

Hence the businessmans time is more valuable then the 7-11 employees, because the latter has nothing better to do then sit around killing murlocs for 12 hours straight whereas the former has actual real-life things to take care of and can't stay competitive with his gaming hobby as a result.

I've played every major MMO for at least a short while, since the days of UO, and I personally have botted in all of them. Of course not right off the bat, but after I learned the games and leveled my first characters, what followed was tedious and unpleasant. I prefer to have "fun" while gaming, and if I find something is preventing me from having fun, I will circumvent it, even if it involves breaking a ToS.


Is Titan's Grip that good? {WoW}

Aug 6th 2008 8:59AM This may have already been said as I didn't take the time required to read all of the replies thus far:

Nowhere has it been stated that the idea behind Titan's Grip is to increase your overall DPS. Everyone always assumes that any new addition is purely about greater damage and that it should outshine anything currently available.

THIS IS WRONG! Titan's Grip will do one thing and one thing only: Allow for huge burst damage.

That's right, this ability will allow for incredible, semi-sustained burst-damage compared to what's currently available to warriors (which is already fairly decent).

Burst/Spike dmg is king in PvP and that's what this is about.

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