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Breakfast Topic: A knock on knockbacks {WoW}

Nov 2nd 2008 8:21AM Wah

Falling off cliff is not fun or is it?

most of the crying is from melee...that they gave range to some classes.

Blood Sport: Warrior-Druid overpowered? {WoW}

Feb 1st 2008 7:46AM god this place is no better then bliz forums

everyone loves to spout off 2v2.

forgetting where they start to fall behind on 3v3
and where they are dismal at best in 5v5

pro rate the 3 together based on points and you will see that druids are 4th not first when you factor in all THREE.

warrior, priest, warlock, pally are actually more represented in the full 2v2- 3v3- 5v5 range then druids.

fix them in 2v2 but you also need to fix them in 5v5. you need to fix the two other specs.

stop just asking for one arena nerf....cause you know you nubs will just cry for more nerfs if they start to do better in 5v5.

Vivendi makes $1.5 billion in 2007, BC pushes Blizz up 58% from 2006 {WoW}

Jan 31st 2008 5:02PM SIGH

that is revenue not "make"

"make" would be = "profit", which based on the last SEC statement was around 50% profit margin

so the make about 750m a year in profits at the top end...prior to any additional non warcraft expenses.

"Now, you can probably see that that's only $500 million short of the estimate that we were trying to prove was wrong"

no the estimates were dead are counting revenue against profit. the amounts bantered around before were profits. 1.2billion is revenue.

How much money Blizzard is really making from 10 million subscribers {WoW}

Jan 25th 2008 7:17AM "375million is alot, but currently its their only income source, so you have to remember that that money goes back into fund Starcraft II and Hydra (their second unanounced project). As well as funding WoW. They prolly took about 50 mil out of that for each project this year."

sigh, this is profit after all expenses...and not just WOW expenses...
they are drawing 1.5 billion in revenue prior to all blizzard expenses.
they are spending 1.1 billion in revenue on the up keep of wow and all other blizzard gaming related expenses.

so the game might very well, since there is a whole other team of devs working on starcraft and unknown project #2, be making a number that is substancially higher then 375m.....

375m is the bear bottom number. the real profit number is prob closer to 500m

How much money Blizzard is really making from 10 million subscribers {WoW}

Jan 24th 2008 5:48PM Lrn2read sec statements

they make it very clear what they make.

of course its a bottom line number that also takes into acct all the money spent on other projects...and money taken in on other projects...which at this point is next to nothing.

2007 6 month
500m in rev
119 profit

full year is estimated to be a billion dollar year with 250m in profits.

20m per month profit is quite nice

now this is euro's SOOOOO...
at 1.4+ exchange this puts them at a full year of

1.5b in revenue
375m in profits american dollars

can you say wow....

Enter to win a $5k Dell WoW Edition notebook {WoW}

Dec 20th 2007 8:25AM Horde please


Free transfers live from a few realms {WoW}

Dec 6th 2007 8:16AM "I can help but wonder what caused the population of that server in particular to balloon so quickly"

welcome to low pop migration sickness.

Area 52 was also medium when i left my they are full and Q'ed some nights.

most people that have come over have been from other low pop servers and they gave up.

if you go to a low pop server good luck its a big mistake

Totem Talk: The Endangered Shaman {WoW}

Nov 8th 2007 6:30PM Quote
"2) The Lack of CC. Oh really, and you understood this WHEN? Don't get me wrong, I think this is a problem, but is it a new problem? Of course not. Shaman have *NEVER* had CC. You knew this going into the class. Every post I've read on shaman pros/cons out there mentions this. This is well known, documented and has ALWAYS been this way. It's like buying a house where roof leaks have been openly disclosed by the seller then complaining about it after the purchase. Didn't read the documentation? Seller's fault or yours? Didn't read up on shaman before rolling one? Blizzard's fault or yours?

you could burst dps before the xpack even still win by burst dps after a stun wore off pre xpack.

now because of increased health these classes have time to get off multiple CC's on the shaman before they have time to burst you down.

with the 3s cooldown added to WF they have even less of a chance to burn you down before you throw out a second CC before their 12s cooldown on grounding hits.....or the 6s on earthshock....

additional CC's were added to many classes after the xpack hit
- warlocks gained an AOE stun, pet stun and instant fear.
- mages got multiple stuns and pet who freezes you in spot.
- hunters got a silence, pet silence, pet stun, anti cc.
- ECT ECT ECT.....

now do you see why its worse for a class with no way to CC?

Totem Talk: The Endangered Shaman {WoW}

Nov 8th 2007 6:25PM let see

- having to rely on lucky 20% proc to get decient damage, and if you have too much "luck" you are dead.

- 41 point tallents that either have 5hp, have a 31 yard radius or can be dispelled for 155 mana = lose...hell while we are at it lets add another class that can dispell and do it from 41 yards....

- in a game where "control" means everything, shaman are the only ones who cannot cause someone to lose "control" of their character. EVERY other class has a way for the opposing character to STOP the action and take control of the fight, weather it be a stun, fear, cyclone, root, trap, DC, ect....shaman have ZERO

- on top of that the only two anti cc's were either nerfed (grounding totem) or has 5hp which both are VERY easy to get around.

- totems 31 yards/5hp.... umm what other skill/tallent in the game did not progress? sorry you cant name any...except totems.

- pets with no pet kee

- threat dump...nuff said...why pick just one class not to have a dump? at least pallies have a bubble......we have DEATH/ank...and its on a much longer

oh there is so much more but these are the biggies....

Shaman forums shocked by interrupt changes {WoW}

Nov 5th 2007 12:31PM first earth shock shuts down caster 2seconds shaman 1.5 seconds

second ES shuts down caster 1s shaman 1.5s

third ES shuts down caster .5s shaman 1.5s

Working as intended?

Also for all you other people who have never played a shaman this is the ONLY ONLY ONLY interupt the shaman has...lets look at the other classes:

Mage- CS, Poly, Stun

Warlock- Pet Stun, Pet silence, AOE stun, AOE dot dispell silence, Fear, Instant Fear, Dcoil....all depending on spec but at least 3

how about others
hunter- Scatter, Silence, Pet stun, Pet silence, Ice trap.....

Rogue- Oh please do we even need to go here
Warrior- Hell they got a bunch and even a proc off a weapon...any mace weapon...even ones that have their own stun proc....

drooids- well they are closer to shaman, kitty stun, bear stun, cyclone cyclone cyclone....

Funny how they never banned those ret pally post, threat pally post......