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BigRedKitty: Karazhan for Hunter-Dummies {WoW}

Oct 3rd 2007 8:57PM So here's my theory: Most of the "people" that "write in" to BRK are just BRK himself. That is, he writes fake letters. Whenever I read one, I feel like it was written by the same author. The style, tone, and content of the letters is always similar and screams fake to me.

Take for example, "I'm not a total noob; I understand my class fairly well, I can manage my pet, we make a good team. But the two of us have very little group experience." Way to lay out a hunter player template. Hopefully you'll get a lot of hunters to identify with this guy, right? Or even worse, "Is there some quick get-up-to-speed briefing online..." Could this guy be leading him any more blatantly? I mean sure, he's obviously going to have questions, but I feel like I'm reading the script to a cheesy infomercial - BRK as host.

And what was with that BigRedBoar (or something similar) guy that used to always comment on BRK articles? I think he was usually criticizing BRK. Again, it sounded like something BRK himself would write. Talk about schizophrenic.

I really wouldn't usually post something like this, but I've noticed it EVERY time I read a BRK article. Maybe this is a common practice that column writers use, but if you're going to cheat, at least do it well!

WoW Moviewatch: 20k DPS in Black Morass {WoW}

Sep 7th 2007 12:20PM I'm not regularly one to post just to disagree with the author. However, I fail to see what's "weak" about 20,000 dps. Cool vid.

Azeroth Interrupted: Reader Mail -- WoW for an hour a day {WoW}

Jul 2nd 2007 5:33AM Am I the only one who can see playing WoW as being similar to playing a sport? Aren't they both games? Don't you train for each of them to become better? Is your guild not your team? Is a raid not game day? Sure, there are differences between the two. But, if all you are getting out of playing team sports is technical skill and physical conditioning, you're missing out. Same goes for WoW.

The point I'm trying to get at is that I don't think it's such a bad thing to have at least some level of dedication to playing. If you skip out on a run without finding a replacement for yourself, then yes, you are an ass. You just screwed over four REAL people. I also think there's nothing wrong with dedicating 1-2 nights a week to raiding if you have the time. You don't need to be going out with your friends every night to prove that you have a life.

Berzurk, I also agree with #3.

Shrink wrap prank snares cop; teens get rap sheet {Autoblog Archive}

Apr 16th 2007 3:03PM To all of you saying "hilarious," sure, maybe at first thought. You're thinking exactly like the kids. I take it you didn't read the "serious accident" link where this exact same type of prank wrecked a man riding on his motorcycle with his girlfriend? Yeah, real funny guys.

Couple faces charges for busting a speeding cop {Autoblog Archive}

Feb 17th 2007 8:28PM Ohhh, so Autoblog just left out the part about the emails from the couple to the officer. Depending on their nature, that could possibly give him a basis for stalking. Hard to say without more info. But that's not what's important here anyway...

Couple faces charges for busting a speeding cop {Autoblog Archive}

Feb 17th 2007 8:06PM Pressed charges for stalking? What?! Shouldn't cops at least know a LITTLE about the law? If a person causes you any sort of problem on only one occasion, it cannot possibly be considered stalking. Stalking requires more than one interaction. I see no logic in pressing that charge... probably why he dropped it. What a punk. I don't know how these cops can sleep at night, being such ludicrous hypocrites. I guess that's how they get their jollies.

VIDEO: Winter approaches. Imprezas wait impatiently... {Autoblog Archive}

Nov 15th 2006 1:47AM Unfortunately I can't even see the video since YouTube is down right now, but...

#16: Me and my friends have had our share of messing around in the snow, and I can definitely say that 5 spins or 1800 degrees of turning is possible in a generic FWD car. Case in point: We're all in my friend's crappy 1995 Chrysler Concorde, up to probably about 30mph in reverse, he cut the wheel real sharp, and we start spinning. Funny thing is, we didn't stop. We had probably completed 3-5 full 360's by the time I figured out we could keep doing them as long as we liked, so I told him to "KEEP GOING!!!" ...We must have done over 20 stationary 360's in a row, no kidding. When we got out, we found a PERFECT "donut" with a fixed radius 'n all. The car was rotating exactly along the center of its wheelbase. Rediculously fun :).

Oh, and my supercharged Riviera could create plenty of havoc in the snow (though I obvisouly wouldn't pit it against a skilled driver in a subie).

"Road rage" may be result of mental illness {Autoblog Archive}

Jun 10th 2006 3:21AM lol, this is hilarious stuff. I have to agree with Pat on most of what he says (it's all in the biology). Here's a newsflash guys: being labeled as having a "mental disorder" isn't the new cool thing to do. You guys sound like its a privilege to recieve the honor. Oh, and netboy equating homosexuality with serial killers (its plain as day) was pretty funny too, lol. On top of that netboy, most of the stuff you were talking about IS a result of mental disorder. That doesn't mean someone's getting an excuse for his actions, it means that he's crazy.

Townsfolk react to red light rigger on video {Autoblog Archive}

Apr 21st 2006 2:44PM Number ten said:
"...cops around here are notorious for abusing their powers. Today alone I saw five cops use their lights just to get through an intersection"

He was being overly nice to the cops of the area, at least, to the Dearborn Heights cops. I worked in Dearborn Heights for about 3 years, and I must say, the cops are major @$$holes, everyone there knows it (unless maybe you drive a Ford and are friends with the cops). Not to mention, they seem to SWARM the entire city. The number of patrol cars I see is rediculously out of proportion to any other city I've ever been in. 12, maybe you shouldn't talk about police in a city you have no experience?

As for the guy using the device to change the lights...HILARIOUS, but yes, it's a bit of an @$$hole thing to do, especially if it could change lights so abruptly as to put people in immediate danger.

Is BMW hypocritical for marketing to gay clientele without extending worker benefits to the same? {Autoblog Archive}

Mar 31st 2006 1:10AM Since when does paying for an ad in a publication mean that you support that organizations agenda? In my experience, it is the exact OPPOSITE that holds true. If you are a publication, it is your responsibility to only run ads that your customers will support/tolerate. Liquor companies don't support (straight) men's magazines and "the male community", men's magazine's and the male community support liquor companies. The examples are endless if you take a look at it.

Just recently a very popular computer magazine pulled it's ads for a company that uses unethical means to acquire mass amounts of valuable in-game items that they then sell to customers for real life money. Many legit gamers don't appreciate this sort of practice, so the magazine pulled the ad, despite the loss of revenue. Simple.

(Anyone else see the "smug cloud" lingering over #13's post? :P )