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Baldwin-Motion launches limited edition big-block Camaros {Autoblog}

Mar 22nd 2006 3:34PM If you don't understand the appeal of these cars immediately, then don't worry about it, just leave. #2, your '84 Corolla is a MAJOR POS compared to these cars, whoever told you different was wrong.

These cars are awesome! My favorite is the black SS-427. There are very few production cars that I would choose over it, if I had my choice. Keep in mind, I'm from metro-Detroit, which has a strong muscle car heritage :). But come on, the pictures you see above are the inspiration for the current movement of US automakers getting back to making AMERICAN cars. It's easy to see why! (I do love my share of imports, but this is a whole different breed.)

Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom preview {Joystiq Playstation}

Mar 22nd 2006 3:19PM Have you people ever heard of the Gran Turismo series? GT5 will get a ton of people to buy PS3's, similar to Halo3 getting people to buy 360's. But, to base a console's success solely on one title is an ignorant thing to do. The PS3 will not flop. Sorry fanboys.

Didn't understand a word I said? Here, let me say something you will understand: OMG, PS3 is going to crush XBox 360 cuz it is teh pwnage 360 will crash lolz! Gran Turismo = 1337, Halo3 = n00blets!!!

Loud pipes beware - photo enforcement now targeting noise violators {Autoblog}

Mar 19th 2006 3:13PM #3, you bring up a very good point, and I think it's pretty sad that it isn't brought up more often when the topic of noises on the road comes up. I'd go with a time schedule that starts a little later and goes a little later though, but that depends what type of area you are in (residential vs. commercial/open road).

For the most part, I think law enforcement dedicated to "noise problems" on the road is a HUGE waste of money. Are you telling me there is seriously nothing more important our police could be enforcing? There is a reason we have gas pedals, brake pedals, windows, and brains. If someone is too loud for you, use your BRAIN and make a decision to either get ahead of them, drop back behind them, roll up your window, or suck it up.

Are people so weak and egocentric that they can't endure an occasional five seconds of displeasure, so they complain to government to get them to pass legislation that will be taking away funds from community improvement and fighting REAL crime?