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The 7th Guest and The 11th Hour re-released for PC {Joystiq}

Feb 3rd 2012 6:01AM Wow, I literally JUST installed the scummVM compatible version of 7th Guest to my PSP. I have a complete boxed copy of 7th Guest on my shelf, and I've never played it before. Figured I'd give it a whirl.

Also, great promotion for DotEmu. I had never heard of them, and apparently they're another company like GoG.

Tony Hawk HD developed by Robomodo, coming this summer for $15-ish {Joystiq}

Dec 12th 2011 2:13PM Activision: Ruining game series by milking them dry, then re-releasing the first, good iterations of the games.

Is this your scheme, your plot?

That said, I'd probably pick it up- if it has the original soundtrack.

Japanese hardware sales, November 21 - 27: Rampant speculation edition {Joystiq}

Dec 5th 2011 4:43PM 29 posts and not a SINGLE ONE OF THEM is a reference to .Hack// ?

*Boing boing* COR DEE CEPS! *boing boing*

Counter Strike: GO beta delayed to address early feedback {Joystiq}

Nov 1st 2011 6:31AM @Unit076 Game more, please....

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend reaches out to North America {Joystiq}

Oct 12th 2011 9:36PM Cool! A fighting game that legitimately updates their games rather than just pushing out a couple of new characters and charging full retail for it. Here's looking at you, CAPCOM.

Seriously- Blazblue offers new music, new voice acting, new stages, new story modes and online modes. Capcom added.. what, 4 characters, 2 of which were "evil" versions of characters already in the game, and bug fixes?

Shinobi preview: The re-revenge of Shinobi {Joystiq}

Jun 16th 2011 8:42PM Which Musashi is it? Juro or Juri?

Also, I am excited about this, honestly. I love the Shinobi franchise (3 is my favorite!) and I can't wait to see what they've done with this one

Kinect-powered TurtleBot now up for pre-order {Joystiq}

Apr 21st 2011 12:31PM Did you know that "Vittles" is actually spelled "Victuals"?

/Operation S.P.I.N.A.C.H.

Pica Pic resurrects classic LCD handhelds ... that you should play right now {Joystiq}

Mar 23rd 2011 7:17PM Holy shit.

Bartman. The first game I picked out, was also one of my favorite Tiger handhelds.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution's PC port to be handed by Nixxes Software {Big Download}

Mar 23rd 2011 6:53PM And I still hate it, every time i hear the words "PC Port".

The Nintendo 3DS: Unboxed! {Joystiq}

Mar 15th 2011 6:52PM WHAT WAS ON THE QR CODE?????