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Reader UI of the Week: Osullavan of Eldre'Thalas {WoW}

Jul 15th 2008 10:53AM You might want to look into Quartz or similar mod with a swing timer.

AddOn Spotlight: SCTd {WoW}

Apr 3rd 2007 12:02AM SCT/SCTd is pretty nice, but I recommend Mik's Scrolling Battle Text instead. It has everything you like from SCT/SCTd, but is even more configurable.

You can find it on WoWInterface:

It also has a few additional AddOns that you might like (in particular, MSBTLoot).

Improved Divine Spirit by the numbers {WoW}

Feb 5th 2007 4:58PM My guild has only been doing small raids since the expansion launched, giving people a break to level, explore, etc. We maintained a pretty heavy raiding schedule pre-xpac, and we expect to return to it in a week or two.

In heavy raiding situations, IDS is very important. In 40-man raids, having 1 or 2 Priests with IDS was fine; they'd handle Spirit buffs, while the other 2-4 Priests would handle Fort, and it all worked out. In 25-man raids, I expect Priest numbers to be cut down a bit (our guild has many, many druids, and a good selection of Palllies and upcomign Shaman), so I expect IDS to become even more of a requirement for raiding than it was in the past.

Having not personally seen the new end-game large raids, I don't know how much overhealing is likely to be an issue (in general, the xpac hit point/damage inflation should make it less of a problem than pre-xpac), but my experience suggests that most of the EH bonus would add to overhealing anyway.

We will of course be re-evaluating again after we have some real 25-man end-game experience, but for now, I'd recommend IDS over EH without reservation.

Based on old raiding experience and looking at the numbers (that is, no direct experience with the relevant content), I would even recommend Holy Concentration over EH -- the ersatz mana `regen' being typically more useful than more points of overhealing. My experience comes from 40-man raids with a healer-heavy guild, though; I'd love to hear of actual 70/25 raid experience.

Breakfast Topic: Hybrids in WoW {WoW}

Dec 18th 2006 4:02PM It all depends on what you want to do. Managing large raids requires people to fulfil their assigned responsibilities efficiently. Smaller groups can necessarily adapt much more quickly to changes, since there are fewer people to coordinate.

My particular guild is druid-friendly, druid-heavy, and into end-game raiding. We regularly allow feral and `oomkin' druids to do their stuff in end-game raids, and we have a couple who are set up to switch mid-encounter based on the current situation. Mostly, though, our druids are healers, and there's a simple reason for it:

In PvE, a Druid could be a Healer, a Tank, a Melee dps'er, or a ranged dps'er. Spec and itemization are both very important, obviously, but if you want to switch-hit, then it becomes critical that you know how to pick/switch gear based on your starting role and any other roles you might pick up during the fight. Looking at each option in turn:

Ranged DPS: druids, frankly, are very bad at this. They can nicely buff actual ranged DPS classes, but the class simply doesn't have the tools to make this work well compared to other classes. A good moonkin druid can be a (sad to say) a bad mage/warlock/hunter/shadow priest.

Melee DPS: druids can be good rogue-replacements, but this is very gear-dependant, and they're usually competing directly with the rogues for the leather DPS gear, and with all dps classes for the untyped dps gear. A good cat-druid can be a decent rogue, but not a great one.

Melee tank: Druids can be decent warrior-replacements, if they can gear up for it. Luckily, bear druids care more about aspects of Leather armor that Rogues don't (Armor, Stamina, Defense), and they only have to compete with non-dps warriors for the untyped tank gear (so there's usually enough to go 'round). Especially in BC, a good bear druid can be a good tank.

Healer: This is where most druids get stuck, because this is where they really shine. A healing-spec'd and equipped druid is the best single-target healer in game (notwithstanding Pally lay on hands crits). Combat Rez, Innervation, excellent gear choices (leather > cloth, even for healing), Cure Poison, and probably the best long-duration buff in game made healer-druids excellent. Now that tree form is out... forget about it. Priests maintain a slight edge in party healing, but a serious raid needs both group healers and single/few target healers. Add in all the wacky stuff in the `healing druid' tree that actually enhances their non-healing abilities, and you have a solid member of any raiding guild anywhere.

So, do Hybrids have it tough? Druids and Shammy never did, and 2.0/TBC means that Pallies don't either. I'd be rolling a Pally now myself, but when the patch notes came out, several of my friends started one, and I don't really relish the idea of the all-pally party, funny as it is.

Is it more complicated to play a hybrid class? Somewhat, but one of the things that Blizzard did right was make several different playstyles for different classes. Hybrids mostly have their own play styles, even though we talk about them being `warrior+priest' or whatever. Priest, Mage, Rogue, and Warrior are all strongly distinct play styles... I don't see why Pally, Shammy, and Druid should be any different.

Breakfast Topic: New Classes {WoW}

Nov 7th 2006 11:13PM Ranged AoE healer.

The common complaint about healing is that you don't get to watch the game play; instead you play The Healing Game (`whack-a-mole'). One way to break this chain for the dedicated healer class is to add a class with ranged AoE healing, where the various spells are smaller/larger heals, smaller/larger areas, instant/shorter/longer durations (with variations for heals, hots, and channels), and branch out into things like resistance buffs.

Joystiq quick visit: Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops {Joystiq}

Aug 24th 2006 2:23PM Looks like the link was dropped from my previous post:

Joystiq quick visit: Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops {Joystiq}

Aug 24th 2006 2:11PM I've had my PSP for a while now, and I'm more or less constantly searching for decent games for it. I have around 10 now, most of which I haven't bothered to unpack since my recent move. I even bought one for my housemate, as a present, so we could try multi-player games on it.

I continue to be disappointed. I think maybe these guys have the right of it. This makes me sad, for the PSP has lots of potential. I don't know if it's too hard to program, or too expensive to license, or if everyone just hates Sony, but the games are simply *not there*.

Also, in the screen shots, why is it that all of the characters are wearing body suits complete with gloves and hats, except for the female character who has to open hers to expose her badly-rendered bra?

Last day for TiVo lifetime plan signups {Engadget}

Mar 17th 2006 8:54AM I've purchased 6 tivos to date, for myself, friends, and family, and I have yet to purchase a lifetime subscription. Of those TiVo's, I pay the monthly subscription for all but one of the units still active.

Also, I have yet to have a single unit last 3 years.

The unit that I purchased for my parents went almost exactly 23 months (roughly, the break point) before dying. My frist unit died about 3 months after the warranty expired, and the repair fee was exactly equal to the cost of a new unit -- because, I found out, the repair proceedure was to mail me a new unit.

I have had *mostly* one unit for several years now, because I upgraded the drive in the unit the first time it died.

Combining my experiences with that of my various friends with TiVo, I think that the lifetime subscription is slightly cheaper, on the order ot 1-3 months subscription cost, given the MTBF of the TiVo Series 2 units; of course, that doesn't factor in the cost of paying up front.

All in all, I can't recommend people buy a lifetime subscription in general. I'm considering buying a subscription card now, because I live in MA, and I'll be able to save the card to apply to a Serires 3 device, or in case TiVo raises the subscription fees.