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Arcane Brilliance: How to fix Mages {WoW}

Jul 9th 2008 11:23AM
Paladins are unique in that they are the only healing class that can wear plate, can perform the duties of the best multiple mob tanking class, the best single-target healing class, or an effective melee DPS class. Also, they have a bubble.

Best single target healers? What are you? Behind the times? Apparently you are, ever heard of spirit buff that came in 2.3, which also somehow helped mages' mana regen.

Fact #1 Spirit > Illumination

I like how you said we are best multi-mob tanks, when aoe tanking events are few, far and between. Paladin tanks are a waste of space, have your holy or ret paladin respec prot and have them aoe tank trash that needs to be aoetanked. Let warriors tank bosses they're best for that job and let druids OT, they're better at that than us.

Effective dps...sure...after chugging hundreds of super mana potions and/or fel mana potions.

QQ more mages, your tears fuels me, who cares if Nihilum doesn't take mages, their decision! Paladins HAVE it FAR worse, we're only best when outside of raids buffing people with kings, salv and might/wisdom and let real raiders raid. You're still being taken for your dps, best CC in the game, intellect buff, and mage table.

Take a gab at brutallus wws,

Manly Elitist Jerks US-Mal'Ganis 2753 01 Jul

Server prepares for July {WoW}

Jun 30th 2008 9:57PM Why they didn't do it on a tuesday during maintenance day instead?

Some food for thought.

WWI '08 Panel: Paladin (UPDATED) {WoW}

Jun 28th 2008 1:38PM Well, I hope they address some inherent design issues. For example, Seal and Judgement of Command scaling with spell damage (look it up on The superiority of Seal of Blood over Seal of Command. Abilities like Exorcism, Holy Wrath, Consecration and so on that scales only with spell damage, we still don't have an AP to SD talent like Shamans now have. Chronic mana issues, often when I raid I always bring at least 40 mana pots to ensure I don't run out of mana and yes I chug em by the minute.

Make Exorcism and Holy Wrath usable on Humanoids, yes I said it! :D

The Light and How to Swing It: Must-have and must-miss talents {WoW}

Nov 10th 2007 5:16PM Lol, this author doesn't know how Divine Purpose works. It's not on a proc-based system, it's basically a 10% physical resilience ALL the time (it mitigates critical damage) Retribution 101, perhaps?

Liveblogging BlizzCon's Dungeons and Raids Panel {WoW}

Aug 4th 2007 2:19AM To lolagranola

I tried playing as Elemental Shaman on the most recent PTRs as I reached with spell damage of 758 (or something like that) I was critting for about 2.7-3K with my Lightning Bolts and tri-crits with chain lightning is insane!

Although if you spam Chain Lightning all the time, you're bound to run out of mana, it's often better to spam just Lightning Bolt and have a Mana Tide totem down there and Mana Spring Totem (Tranquil Air Totem too), as that may help you out in a long run. Although I notice they may go OOM a little too quickly, the only solution I can see for Elemental Shamans (a easy one) is to give Shamans a clone of Holy Paladin's Illumination ability which gives you mana after every crit.

Retribution Paladin's mana-longevity sucks too but we have to work around it (no threat dump ftl) and eventually we'll be just fine.

Liveblogging BlizzCon's Dungeons and Raids Panel {WoW}

Aug 3rd 2007 7:45PM To all nay-sayers,

Even the developers admitted that today's Paladins aren't what they wanted them to be. Retribution is supposed to be a Paladin's primary tree, not Holy.

Last time I checked Elemental is fine when they're in a group with a Shadow Priest. Enhancement may still need some work.

Paladins are Holy Knights in Shining Armor, not wussies who stand in the back of a raid, healing dpsers/tanks.

Also, Paladins in Warcraft 2/3 proved that Paladins in Warcraft are supposed to fight in the frontlines, and throwing occasional heals to others who is fighting nearby the Paladin.

But, I can understand that you don't want to lose your healing slaves.

But how is it fair that I get denied the right to raid as seen in reality/lore? Paladins aren't healing slaves but big bad, mean fighting machines that combat evil and bless the wounded. How did you reach such conclusion that Paladins are healers, and nothing else. That is what puzzles my mind.

A Hybrid are what to have everything at his disposal to be viable, Retribution isn't, therefore the class is broken as it's other half only works (Holy/Protection). Since the devs announced that they were serious this time, and I am happy that they are this time.

P.S. Also if you complain that Paladins becoming DPS-viable will turn this game into World of Paladincraft. This isn't World of Druidcraft, everybody will play different classes as they fit their playstyles.

Oh, yes, that's right Retribution is me! Not Holy or Protection. :)

Liveblogging BlizzCon's Dungeons and Raids Panel {WoW}

Aug 3rd 2007 7:13PM First!

Very cool, I just hope they make Retribution more raid-viable before they release the rest of BC content, being unable to raid for nearly 3 years as Ret does sucks :(

Ret pallies to be improved {WoW}

Jul 31st 2007 7:15AM At the moment, the Retribution (closest to the Lore Paladins) is a complete failure, it do absoutely nothing in comparsion to it's healing tree or tanking tree. It seems like that Kalgan isn't exactly motivated to preserve Paladins and make them upfront and a big bad fighting machine.

Currently Retribution Paladins offer somewhat good utility (3% raidwide crit bonus and 2% increase in DPS with Improved Sanctity Aura) although many people argue that it's not good enough to make up for Retribution Paladins' low DPS. Ironic enough that Shadow Priests have been given incredible utility and high DPS and if they were given incredible utility and low dps then it would seem like nobody would take them to raids just because they're taking up a spot of a Mage.

How would you feel about Lore once Northrend expansion is released and you see Paladins heal in Arthas boss fight (which is Paladins greatest enemy) at the same time Paladins aren't killing Arthas but Blizzard is killing Lore by making Retribution tree supposedly unviable because they're afraid that Divine Shield + Burst DPS will dominiate PVP scene in WoW, a bad excuse I would say.

I will honestly tell you that Retribution tree needs a total revamp to fit the image set by Blizzard based on Uther, Arthas, Turalyon, and few other heroic figures that wasn't just sitting in the back of a raid and healing 24/7. A revamp to the tree that would only make the tree strong, not mediocre when compared to Holy or Protection.

I even took my time thinking up a talent tree that would work well with today's WoW.

You all can see it at,

This is THE tree that I would really like to see if a Northrend expansion is released and Blizzard cares about Paladin Lore.