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Arcane Brilliance: Five things every Mage should do before they ding 80 {WoW}

Jul 18th 2009 6:31PM Btw, you forgot being asked every time you even went into a capital city you got whispers of "Portal to storwind/Ironforge+food/water!". Even if it's pretty much "Portal to dalaran" many people remember to have their hearthstones set there. Just being in a major city in vanilla wow was an ordeal. (must have 160 water/food in backpack was a must back then as well)

What If We Lost: An argument for losing a major lore-based battle {WoW}

Jul 12th 2009 8:22PM [Spoilers be here, Do not read if you have not killed agalon and do not want to know what happens]

Agalon doesn't die. Due to the effort and passion of the mortals who battled him, he is moved by the effort and says this:

"I have seen worlds bathed in the Makers' flames. Their denizens fading without so much as a whimper. Entire planetary systems born and raised in the time that it takes your mortal hearts to beat once. Yet all throughout, my own heart, devoid of emotion... of empathy. I... have... felt... NOTHING! A million, million lives wasted. Had they all held within them your tenacity? Had they all loved life as you do?
Perhaps it is your imperfection that which grants you free will. That allows you to persevere against cosmically calculated odds. You prevailed where the Titans' own perfect creations have failed. "

He returned to the titans after he gave you the reply code alpha. Thus he can't be touched by the Lich king.

p.s. I see alot of people talking about a attack which fails, the idea is pretty good however the Argent Tournument can also be a place where the Lich king finds his best new "recruits" By gathering all the forces in one place to find the strongest one, he can easily kill them and make them his thus rendering the enemies weapon his own.

What If We Lost: An argument for losing a major lore-based battle {WoW}

Jul 12th 2009 8:02PM Haven't you realised some things with wotlk.
There are more enemies then one we have had to take care of then the Lich king. We have killed Malygos and Yogg-Saron, two who have been considered enemies to the Lich king. With the removal of these two, there is no other opponents against us (there is still one/ more threat(s), residing in the sanctum). By using your enemey to remove other enemies that can attack you, you can focus on the largest enemy. So due to manipulation from the lich king we have removed almost every enemy lich king had for the control of Northrend.

He can easily now take over the areas that have previously eluded him and launch another invasion with his forces.

UPDATE: Fields of Honor Loot Card EU giveaway {WoW}

Jul 1st 2009 7:26AM I would be very excited and happy to get a loot card. I killed vezax last night, and get a loot card today would be so awesome that i have to take a 5 min break from the awesome train.

Patch 3.2 Death Knight changes {WoW}

Jun 18th 2009 7:34PM First the armor decrease (which still hurts) and now this?

As a death knight we don't have block and most of the point of our tanking is for our cooldowns which helps healing and fights alot (I couldn't MT mimiron without it). Now it's getting nerfed to two mins!. I'm also a frost tank so feeling these nerfs harshly. All this is pvp changes, why not just change the modifier for damage reducer from 400 - 540, meaning 0 % at 400 and 50 % at 540.

Getting sick of these "balances"

Win a super rare signed 300-Edition Xbox 360 Elite and 300 HD DVD! {Engadget}

Jul 31st 2007 7:00PM My favorite scene is the where Leonidas trains with his son and how his wife comes in and informs him about the Persian diplomat. Other favorite scenes are of course the scene where the old soldiers son dies, the farewell to the spartan home and when they take care of any casulties.