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Patch 2.4: Hyjal and Black Temple attunements removed {WoW}

Feb 9th 2008 7:37AM It's easy to understand why Blizzard has removed the attunements. It's a business and players are their revenue stream. Fine. Whetting the appetite of less skilled players is good. Keeps them paying the monthly fees.

Here’s some info: T6 tokens don’t start dropping until you get to Azgalor(4th boss in Hyjal) and
Mother (7th boss in BT). Have fun getting that far. Don’t you people get it. Removing attunements doesn’t mean easy tier epics.

And as for attunements just put in place to slow down the hardcore players. Yeah it may slow them down, but the elite are still going to complete all content and defeat all bosses. Can’t say that about the scrubs. Let’s not forget that it’s Blizzard that programs these bosses to be so hard. Cleary, they expect only the elite to be able to down them. Not too many players have seen or killed Kel’thuzad.

Patch 2.4: Hyjal and Black Temple attunements removed {WoW}

Feb 8th 2008 11:30PM If you can't kill Vashj and Kael, you aren't going to kill Archimonde and Illidan. Have fun in futility.

Purists rejoice! {WoW}

Feb 8th 2008 7:44AM I would say I'm a moderate even though I use many mods. I will remove a mod when it stops being useful to me. I'm always looking to see what mods I can get rid of.

I play a Warlock and my guild has cleared all BC bosses with the exception of Illidan. That being said, I don't think I would play WoW without addons. Too many UI elements are left out of the default Blizzard UI.

Addons make the game more enjoyable. And for those that say using addons is cheating, well Blizzard wrote the mod API for a reason. Some tips:

-Use Ace2 mods when possible (better memory conservation and quality)
-Go to and browse the descriptions of mods (you may find something useful)
-It helps if you like tinkering with software. Most mods require some configuration to be really useful to you.
-Update your mods regularly (Use WoWAceUpdater to keep your mods up to date)

Shifting Perspectives: If you were a druid, what would your life be like? {WoW}

Aug 1st 2007 8:01AM I have a druid alt for the following reasons:

1. Needed a fast leveling class for additional professions to support my main.

2. Leveling a Mage sucks when your main is a 70 Warlock. Dumped the Mage for a Druid. Much happier.

3. With Feral spec, you get DPS and tanking ability in one build. What more can you ask for.

4. In tune with Nature, yada yada, etc. Not so much.