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Know Your Lore: Kael'thas Sunstrider {WoW}

Jul 28th 2007 5:57PM Sorry RogueJedi86 but Kael'thas is not only crazy he's gone over to the Legion and basically the dark side if you will. He sabotaged the Dranei vessel that was fleeing and only cares for vengeance and magic. A dangerous combination, think about, what will he do once the Scourge is gone and the Legion no longer a threat on Azeroth huh? We don't know him, for all we know he could kill the Alliance for their cruel treatment towards his people, later the Horde for being ugly and barbaric. Don't you see?! He's a threat just like every other bad guy. And there are still some very important Horde figures like the Maghar and those awesome Naarus. So what Outland is broken it's still an awesome place full of life like Nagrand and Zangamarsh.