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AudioID - Skype voice caller ID {Download Squad}

Oct 16th 2006 7:58PM It would be great if something like this could be done for Google Talk, or even Trillian...Does Skype provide libraries or something so that you can make extensions like this? Or did someone just hack their way through it?

If the former, then Google might have to be the one to do it. However, if it would be possible to have something like this made for other IM clients, that would be awesome.

View your website as a graph - Today's Time Waster {Download Squad}

Aug 18th 2006 5:03PM You can look at their source code if you look further down the page. I don't really care to look at it myself to figure out what they're doing, but if someone less lazy than I comes along, I encourage them to take a look at it and determine just what it's doing :)

Peanut Gallery: "Online Interactive Multi-User Movie Theater Simulation" {Download Squad}

Jun 16th 2006 6:53PM I had this idea about 3 years ago. I wouldn’t have had the coding ability to have actually done something about it (and still don’t), but I should have gotten a patent on it. Or something. I could be swimming the Benjamins by now...

Breakfast Topic: Testing! {WoW}

May 22nd 2006 1:25PM I gave it a shot for a few minutes, but never enjoy the testing as much as I thought I would. I copied my own character, a 49 shaman. I did a quick /who 1-59 and found all of 12 characters, all but two had just been created. The rest were level sixties being morons and making the city chat worse than that of the barrens on most realms. I wanted to try out some talent changes, but in my opinion the server queues are too long to merit it.

Now Online: Public Test Realms {WoW}

May 20th 2006 11:24AM After all that downloading, patching, character transfering, and waiting, I cannot connect to the server. I choose my realm (PvE Test Realm) and try to enter, get my character list. Click the character I transfered, hit Enter Game, and...Disconnected from Server. Is anyone else having this problem? I’d really like to try out the new Shaman changes. Badly. :)

Blame the Parents? {WoW}

May 16th 2006 5:21PM I’m posting the same thing I posted in response to the USF article:

Kudos. I agree completely. A games company should not be to blame in any situation such as this. They create games: it is a medium of art, albeit a very lucrative one. To state that a game was what inspired a suicide like this is, as you state, clearly to state something without examining all the facts. There must have been signs that the student was unhappy, signs that simply weren’t given attention. The responsibility truly does fall on parents in this regard.

That said, I would venture to guess that there exists among gamers a higher than normal existence of depression, especially very serious ones. To simply sit and play a game for hours at a time, completely neglecting social interaction and ones responsibilities certainly isn’t going to bring happiness. Fulfillment must come from accomplishing things, and video games simply cannot do it for. Just as with alcohol, video games should be taken in limited doses. To take too much would be to lose self control and to become addicted to something that is not going to solve problems or bring fulfillment in any fashion.

Microsoft patents watching TV while chatting {Download Squad}

Apr 28th 2006 4:56PM I had a similar idea a few years back. I thought it would be neat to start a video rental type service whereby friends could chat about the movie as they watched it. It would all be streaming video, though. Nothing on TV or anything of the sort. Alas, my brilliant idea has become worthless.

WoW Moviewatch: WoW Clan Meeting {WoW}

Apr 12th 2006 5:47PM I like the “Shaman needs more buffs bit.” I play a Shaman and that is most certainly the LAST thing we need :)

Wisps: Really the New Alliance Race? {WoW}

Apr 2nd 2006 5:28PM The interview that was posted a few days ago listed the land of the new alliance race newb zone as being called the “Ghostlands.” Makes me wonder...Blizzard has always been one to do unorthodox things...

The Rising Cost of Respecs {WoW}

Mar 22nd 2006 12:02PM I have a Shaman, and threw my talent points around quite recklessly at first. I didn't realize it was a good idea to stick to one tree, and so I had blown a few points in each tree. I had to respec to fix that problem...I had a crisis point at which I was debating which tree to go into. I was dying constantly, so I eventually decided that I would stick to the Enhancement tree for the most part. I have again hit a crisis point, however, since many of the talents available at the bottom of the tree, quite frankly, suck. I haven't spent a talent point in six or seven levels, so I guess I need to make another decision: which tree to go into next? I think it'll probably be elemental, as Shamans don't get much respect as healers. I have been lucky, however, that the Shaman forums have such an excellent talent guide. I wish priests had the same, as I've rolled one and can't decide which tree to enter in that char...

It'll be interesting when Shaman talents get looked at. They have so very many that are terrible that it would be nice to see how Blizzard can improve them. Does anyone know if the class affected gets a free respec when the patch comes?